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Behind our smiles, and all those heavy makeup 

All those videos of being a cabin crew are so well portrayed out, isn’t it? 

Like everyone else, I, too, once had a perfect visualisation of being an air stewardess. The poise, elegance and of course, a good income. 

However, as time goes by, reality is such a bitch. Sometimes, you clench your fists and ask yourself ,” why should you be suffering this…?” 

But soon, you closed your eyes and take the deepest breathe. Smile, and walk out of the galley. 

(Work term; Galley is referring to the area with many containers and drawers where we take care of the drink and food.) 

I don’t want to complain how badly or unfairly treated and have to swallow down our sorrows. Honestly, who likes to be scolded or get picked on by passengers..? Especially, when it isn’t our fault in the first place. 

By right, just to let you know, air crew primary duty is to safeguard each and everyone’s safety. Service and the rest are all secondary. In the air, there is no doctor or nurse to be on 24-hour standby like what we have in hospital. No ambulance to be blasting siren to make way through, or even fire fighter to put out the fire on time. 

What we have, are the qualified knowledge and certification through a series of compulsory training in order to put on the crew pass. And let me tell you, our first challenge, is not as easy as you think. 

I feel that we need the courage when we report to work everyday. Who knows what will happen in our flight, maybe first aid or a fire broke out? All these, we have to act first and try not to make the situation worse. We can only do our best. However, remember this, we are neither experienced paramedics nor first aider. 

As and when, passengers always forget the main purpose and focus on the secondary. Well, unimportant shits will happens. 

So, I would like to rule out a few that I find it unreasonable. 


It is not us who arrange the quantity of each choice of meals that should be catered onboard. We leave it to the caterers. All we do, is to make sure our special meals are catered so that the requester get their meals. 


Because if a person is allergy to nuts and our meal contain nut oil or even just trace of it, this is a matter of life and death. Muslim/ Hindu meal need to be catered to respect all religions. And dietary meals are for patients who may just recovered from illness. 

What puzzled me the most is that normal people, like us, are not pleased when they didn’t have their choice of meal..? For us as cabin crew, most of the times we didn’t even have the time to eat for the whole flight duration. All those side orders and limited flight hours drive us crazy big time. Last thing we need, on a empty stomach and sore legs, are the displeasure for not having another choice for you. We can smile and apologise, because this is our work ethnic. Please dont climb over our head, and suddenly inform us you can’t take seafood (when we only have seafood choice left) with a resting bitch face. If that’s the case, we would suggest you to just request for special meal next time when you travel. 

As much as people like to say,” you can’t do anything about it right?” The answer is always offering of cup noodles or biscuit. But my thought is, why suffer with instant food when you can get a choice of something decent from a chef…? 

Also, you may be stressed for not having your choice of meal. Then, imagine, the stress we have for not finishing everything on time before arrival. Ratio is less than 10 in uniforms to maximum 162 in causal wear. 

You all may think that our job is done by serving food and collecting trays. Let me tell you, it is way more than that. And, the truth is, I hardly see people appreciate our effort to serve and clean toilets. Only a handful.  


“When you can carry your heavy luggage all the way from home to airport then to aircraft, then you should be able to stow yourself,” 

That’s our motto. 

You only carry one luggage, we need to help the whole aircraft of people. Excluding having to prepare the food and walking up and down the aisle to collect and do service. Our bones will literally break, I’m serious. That’s a reason why cabin crew are all so skinny. 

Plus, we have the right to tag your luggage into the cargo if we find the weight is unreasonable. We keep silence not because we are stupid or gullible. We are big hearted and let the matter pass. Just wondering, why are those luggage are able to pass all those screening..? 

Well, spare us and let us save the strength, pretty please? 

Ordering us around

We are not your maid. Period. 

Physical contact

Some perverts out there, please read this. 


You can see it as a form of threaten. So be it, even better. Just to let you know, if we decided to pursue the matter, just wait to be handcuffed on your way out to the arrival hall and stuck with interrogation for hours for that one itchy hand of yours. 

You can call us or press the call bell. But please, don’t reach out your hand or body. We may be little girls, but we don’t back down. 


You have #GMH

I am going to talk about someone that have helped me to see another side of life.

He was not someone popular or someone who was influential.

He, was a house-keeper in my workplace.

I have met him only roughly 2 months, from the day I started working in my current job. At first, I did not talk to him much, just only greeting terms. To me, he was quite old in age and  somehow makes worry about him when handling heavy tasks.

Everyday, he would come without fail to help keep the cleanliness of the office. He would do his usual routine, starting with washing the plates, clear rubbish bins to vacuum the carpeted floor.

He was a polite man. When we helped to pour away the rubbish into his big plastic bag, he would go’ thank you thank you’. Or, he would insist doing it himself. I remembered once, I was still new to the office and didn’t know where to put my used spoon.

He  would smile to me and asked:’ you want to clear this ah, just put inside here lor’ in a very cheerful and casual tone.

Another encounter with him was that I have accidentally stained my table with green tea, and asked to borrow his cloth. He was smiling and nodded his head in a friendly way.

Sadly to say, after these two encounters, I did not start any conversation with him anymore.

Only once, I was just back from my lunch. Then, I heard commotion of my colleagues saying:’ you are bleeding alot uncle. You need to go see doctor!’

I quickly rushed to see what have happened, then saw him pressing tissues on his neck. The tissue was almost fully stained with blood. His shirts, hands, neck were all stained with blood too. My Superior took him to see doctor, even though he kept on refusing the offer. Have to say, I was stunned with what I have saw.

Ever since, I started to be quite worried about his health.

The next day, he did not report for work. I was relieved, cause he needed that rest.

After that, he has reported for work again. Only then, he was like weaker than I first saw him. When he helped to clear up my area, I attempted to start conversation with him and asked him how was his neck.

‘Much better already. The doctor said that my skin is too thin, that’s why will bleed that time. But okay already, no more bleeding.’ While talking, he kept on pointing his neck, to show my that it was no longer bleeding. To assure me, I think.

Then he continued:’ you know ah, i really like this place alot. I have worked here for nine years. Really really like this place alot, that I don’t want to leave at all. This place is like my second home. The people here are very nice.’ You can see from his face, that he really love working at my workplace alot.  I always eat medicine, till my voice no more. Next week, need to see doctor again, to see whether need to continue medication or not’

Oh, I forgot to mention. He need alot of effort to talk, think he has some problems with his throat. His hearing wasn’t well too.

Then I went back doing my stuffs, he came back and said:’ Miss ah, please don’t tell others of what i have told you okay? shhh..’ he put his finger on his lips. Cute uncle.

I nodded my head, and did the same too. Finger on my lips.

Ever since that incident, I become very worried of him with all the carrying of stuffs. He was obviously weaker than before. Once, I went to pantry to refill my water. I saw him sitting on the chair, hand touching his stomach, look like in alot of pain. I went over to ask how he was, he kept on re-assuring me he was alright and just had medicine. And, he kept on urging me not to tell my Superior.

I felt really bad when i recalled this incident. I should have helped to ask permission for him to go home early to rest. After that, he beared with the pain and continued to his tasks. When he bent down to pick up the bins, he have to sit down in order to reach it. Feeling really bad enough, I helped to clear bins for him.

The uncle was absent from work ever since that day, if I did not miss anything. One day, an aunty came in to replace his work.

I thought he have quitted his job to rest and enjoy his golden years. However, i was wrong.

He have passed away.

I was so shocked. I have regretted so much for not talking to him more. Regretted so much for not asking him to rest and helped him with the rest of the tasks.

I hate this feelings of life with regrets. When it is too late, nothing can be done. It have made me realized to cherish of the people around you. You will never be able to predict anything next. When anything bad really come true, you will start saying,’ i should have… i should have….’

Why give fate a chance to let you regret, right…?

Deeply in my heart, i salute this uncle for his passion to work and thank him for telling me simple happiness.

Rest in peace uncle. Hope you are enjoying on place you are at now, thank you for everything you have done.

Thank you :)

With Grateful and Thank you,




My urge for writing this post every morning. So, with about 20 minutes left to noon, I shall not resist anymore.

If you are singaporean, and need to go work/school every morning. You will have the same problem with me.

Yes, smart people, #SMRT.

Suppose this post to be predictable, is about letting out my dissatisfaction. However, in order to be fair to everyone (including #SMRT staffs), I will find fault with myself along the way.

So, where should i start? Okay, shall go with the flow of myself travelling to work.

I have stepped into the working life, which means that I need to take SMRT transports almost everyday. Well, when you are working to earn your salary, you will have responsibility. My priority for now is punctuality. In fact, I hate to be late when it is not my fault at all like dilly-dally or over-sleeping.

I have to say this, #SMRT really let me down. Once or twice is enough, more than that (to me) prove your incompetence. I’m not saying that all fault lies with you guys. However, if you are in our shoes(consumers), how does it feel if every morning the announcer say,’ The train will be delay for a short while due to (whatever problems).’

I bet that will not feel good. Well, my main point is at least give us a detailed explanation than just smoking through with the recorded system. We pay for the service, we should have the rights to know more right?

Oh, bring us to the topic about money. I studied hotel management, and being taught quality service. According to me, quality service is about giving service standard with the amount being paid for. I suppose the previous sentence has given full explanatory.

This is one thing I’m really pissed with #SMRT.

The fare is like a snowball, always increasing however the service is depleting. illogical right?

If you are confident in giving us equalized service quality, increase the fare by all means. However, if you can’t, then.. (pointless for me to say the obvious here). You can say I am money sensitive (I don’t care anyway), but who don’t?

Okay, I know Singapore has stable economy and blah blah blah. That’s not the point. Fairness is the focus. Switch the situation around, you’ll get what I mean. (I hope, without you being bais on either sides).

You know what, I like to think alot. With the problematic transportation provide by #SMRT, but you guys are telling us not to get cars for own transportation?

If you are seeing that Singaporeans have stable income to get themselves cars and not taking public transports, then we are not being cooperative and selfish. Thurs, COE will increase. Do it, I have no comments.


If you are seeing that Singaporeans who opt to get cars because of #SMRT not able to give us fair services, that’s why getting a car is the only way out. Then, who should we blame now? You cannot expect us to take taxi (oh, the meter fare increased for don’t-know-what-reasons-too), cause it is so pricey! Owning a car is only the best investment. Agree, no? (I don’t care either.)

In order for you to be convincing to me, show me with actions. Talking is stupid. I can say whatever I want, but actions will then convince everyone and let them shut up.

Well, I need to do some soul-searching. I shouldn’t really blame #SMRT with all the faults. Since I know they have problems with their train operations, then I should leave my house earlier in order to be on time for work.

Wait, I got another issue I need to point out. The train is super duper packed. Are we experiencing over-population? I know i may sound a little racist here. However, if population in Singapore cannot fit with the living space, who take in so much people? hmmm…

Since I’m in the #SMRT topic, shall say this part as well. How come JC/Poly students don’t have student fare? #SMRT

Even though I have already graduated from Polytechnic, but I sort of still want to have a good answer for my question.

We are still students.

We DO NOT have stable income.

We are still considered, POOR STUDENTS. (for some, like me!)

Then I don’t see the point of us need to worry for transportation fare every month like the adults.

Do you see it? enlighten me please.

so true, wow

First thing is, i don’t mean to eavesdrop. However, i have overheard two aunties having their normal conversation.

They were saying that people should really enjoy their life after working. Especially, like hotel line when work can be really stressful sometimes. wah, then suddenly, i have realised that i didnt even really enjoy at all all these while. SO pathetic.

The worse thing is, i only hope it is not too late. I mean like, im only like have a month left for attachment. Somemore, i need to start all my reports and etc. Gosh, this means that i only can wait to enjoy after my attachment?

aiya, dont care about that already. Yes, like what i have said earlier, my attachment is almost coming to an end. So, i really need to do all my reports, weekly logs and ask my manager to fill up my logbook as well. Honestly, i am really really lazy to do that. I still need to start on my presentation which i need to submit on 14th July i think? And, i have not start on anything yet.

Oh, have i mention my TWO THOUSANDS WORDS of essay? Yup, need to do that as well. However, i do hope it will be as easy as what i thought it will be. Like looking back at my weekly logs and try to copy paste from my every reflection journals. Hope, after looking through everything, i have roughly 2000? *pray pray*

Super hate the feeling when everything is like coming all at once, hais. and in so many dates, making me confuse and all. Now right now, i just hope that nothing in my attachment will go wrong. Plus, all my works can be done on time. :)

Wish me luck! *fingers crossed*