Science on skincare tips/ How to remove whiteheads with my ‘swear-it-works-for-me’ method

I love Love LOVE reading skin care articles from any experts using science as explanation. You know you google, and start opening links with titles that interest you. However, some are really just crap and copying theories that even 3 years old kid will know. *roll eyes*

So, I came across an article that (I think) is scripted by real beauty experts and it explained to me why some creams works and some don’t, BASED ON SCIENCE. *STANDING OVATION*

So here goes… (By the way, I don’t want to be going back and looking at history links sourcing for the actual words. One is too troublesome, two means I didn’t learn/understand anything right).

One of the reasons why some creams doesn’t work is because of its’ molecules. So when the day/night cream you’re using has molecules that are sized too big to penetrate inside the deeper part from the outer skin cells, it’s impossible for the magic to work as it will just stay on the surface of your skin. Poof, mindblown. No matter how high-end or pricey the product is, it will be useless.

“Die, chemistry is my worse subject at school!” Don’t worry, I will simplify it and chemistry is my worse subject back in school days fyi. If I can understand, so can you.

-Just imagine.. When you shoot a basketball into loop with a smaller circumference, it will either bounce off or stuck at the top because the ball can’t get through. It’s the same theory. Basketball is molecule, and the loop is the gap of the cells in between.-

Okay, my brain is linking all the facts in my head right now. My Eureka! moment. (Disclaimer: All of these are based on my thinking, none are proven right but I think it make sense tho. Everything on earth are supposed to make sense, isn’t it..?)

So, what’s the big fuss if my cream happen to have molecules that are too big? 

#1. Clogged pores (and leading to pimple)

Since some of the creams have a bigger molecules (unfortunately), I think it will clog the pores and cause whiteheads. Like I said in my previous post, your pores need to ‘breathe’. So when the cream can’t penetrate into your skin, it will block the pores because they can’t do their job. And that’s when whiteheads will form, because the sebum is producing and all the dead skin cells plus dirt can’t be removed. Worst is when you don’t exfoliate regularly, everything just stuck there and (literally) waiting for pimple to erupt. Sounds so scary right… gosh.

#2. Moolah flying away… :(

Of course, you will be wasting money (like how I wasted mine). All that creams that doesn’t work regardless of whatever reasons, you can’t force happiness to happen. Is either you curse yourself, burn the idiotic product, or you pass to the lucky ones. No way you will continue using, and let your face rot its way out. Well, I do heard of people saying your skin will turn better after getting use to the product. Bull shit lah. It is impossible, this is just self-deceiving. Doesn’t work means doesn’t work. If you have a severe seafood allergy, will you insist on eating them to risk your life by “making things work”?

What are the ways (I think) that we can suspect this molecules disaster is happening?

#1. Your skin has that heavy feeling after application, and not going away

I got a feeling that this type of cream will be a thicker texture, because too much elements linking together to form one molecule. So, it will be oily and heavy making your skin crying for help. The feeling will get worse after a while, because your skin will keep producing oil to the surface.

Well, some creams do get absorb slower than others, but it’s a red alert if you skin starting to feel congested even after one application.

#2. No matter how many times you use, the product just can’t absorb well. 

Maybe you have tried massaging the product into your skin, or putting a 5-cent coin size little by little to avoid the bad after feeling. Bloody hell, all kinds of way and nothing works *bang wall*. If the cream isn’t helping you and giving your problems, better to bid farewell mon cheri.

#3. Breakouts

This is the worst scenario. And honestly, I think this will only happen to people living in self-denial. Definitely they have seen white bumps are forming all over their face, and the pores are obviously becoming bigger. They still use it, and thinking things will fall into place in the end. And then all erupted to big ugly pimples, and they will be crying and complaining why is this happening them. Face it people, I’ve accepted the fact that BB cushion isn’t my shit, and you can too.


Any ways to prevent this disaster from happening? 

“When Buddha closes a door, He opens a window.” *Enlightenment light* Nothing in this world has a dead end.. unless you are dead and that’s.. roughly the end. ANYWAYS, luckily there are people who always see the cup as half full, they find solutions for all their problems. Of course, prevention is key. Why do you even want to wait for shits to come to you, and then it’s too late?

#1. Exfoliate regularly

Another reason for you to rub those dirt and dead skin away. Frankly speaking, I used to love exfoliation so much that I’ve overdone it and caused my skin to be extremely sensitive. So, regularly doesn’t mean you do it every minute of your life. If you prefer daily exfoliation, use gel type or mild scrub. My skin is oily, so I prefer to do it with daily mild scrub or every 3-4 days for heavy exfoliation.

#1 Quick tip: If you have acne-prone skin, don’t use harsh bead type of exfoliators. High chance it will hurt your skin, and worsen your acne condition. Use chemical based will be a safer option.

#2 Quick tip: Exfoliation is best to do at night before going to bed. Ultimately you are scrubbing away the most top layer of your skin, and may accidentally remove some good cells along the way. So, avoid sunlight or any harsh lighting and yes, make up too, (fyi, even man-made light bulb has UV rays) to give your skin a good rest and prep for skin renewal process.

#3 Quick tip: For daily exfoliation, just rub for 2-3 minutes will do. Because you’ve been diligently removing all those dirt, so the accumulation will be lesser. A little goes a long way. On the other hand, for weekly ones, take a longer time to massage as you need more effort to remove all those accumulation of dirt and dead skin.

#2. Change it, obviously

This is a no brainer. You just have to get up and look around for that one moisturizer that work best for your skin. Now I would rather put in more effort and study every moisturizer before I applying on my face, than having to waste money buying them and in the end it didn’t work. Beauty can’t afford to be lazy.

I feel the only way to find out if it is suitable, is always to give it a try. So, these are some ways (that I came out with) to help saving some money. 

#1. Buy second-hand of that product you want to try 

This is my biggest saving secret! This may sounds a bit wrong or disgusting, however what works for you may not work for others. So, some girls that can’t continue using the product will want to sell it off to recoup part of their losses. And coincidentally, if you’re considering to try out the same brand, you can try searching on those online platform (e.g Carousell) to try your luck. Trust me, most of these are only used once or twice and seller are willing to sell it off half of it’s original price.

I know it may not work out for you either. However, it will hurt alot lesser as you didn’t buy it with the full price in the first place. Seller got rid of it, and you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. Whoo, win win situation! 

BUT, comes with a few conditions before you regret it.

  • Ensure that it is NOT packed in a way that you need to dig out the cream with your fingers (tub packaging). This is the easiest way to spread bacteria into your skincare. If the seller is severely acne-prone, good luck if you want to risk it. Sometimes, you just can’t get the best of both worlds.
  • Always remember to disinfect the ‘mouth’ of the pump well before using, or the opening of where the cream comes out. You never know what it has touched before.
  • Make sure the remaining quantity inside the bottle justify the selling price.

#2. Find for samples (if possible)

A down side for this method is that not all skincare companies willing to splurge extra cost on free samples for marketing. Normally are those korean brands that willing to let you try their samples, other brands well…very unlikely. However, using sample is a good way to make you decide if it is suitable for your face before making another mistake.

#3. Selling your product online

On my #1 point, I’m saying you should buy second-handed skincare product if you want to give it a try. However, you can be the seller too! *clap clap*

Just like what I’ve explained earlier, what suit others may not be suitable for you. So, if this product is causing you trouble, doesn’t mean it is born as a mistake. Let others have the chance to try at a cheaper price too, the world will become a happy place. Well, it is pointless for you to keep it and collect dust. All skincare products have an expiry date. Therefore why not just sell it, instead of throwing away your money into the sea.


My #swear-it-works-on-me method to remove whiteheads.

Shit, this product is causing my face to be clogged with impurities and whiteheads are everything. How now, Brown cow…~

Have no fear! Yesterday, I’ve encountered this problem and was hunting high and low to look for solution. This is because I don’t want to ruin the momentum when my face is recovering on a stable pace now. And ta-da, I found out that that tea tree oil works for me.

After some researching and googling, I realized that I can clear those sebum inside my clogged pores just by adding a few drops of tea tree oil in my routine. I don’t want to explain the benefits of tea tree oil, because you can find it all over the internet.

This is how I do it… 

  1. I went to wash my face, and exfoliate with a good few minutes of massage. Focusing on areas that are more bumpy, rubbing away as much dead skin as possible and wash it off. Be careful not to over-exfoliate.
  2. With my toner, I dripped a few drops of tea tree oil and wipe all over my face ensuring I don’t miss out any spot.
  3. I pat my face and let it dry first before applying anything else. Making sure that the oil has fully penetrated to let it work it’s magic.
  4. Lastly I skip my moisturizer, and used only milk essence for the day to lighten the burden on my face and let it concentrate on skin cell renewal.

Today my skin is so much smoother and brighter. And, the moisturizer is absorbing faster into my face, making it smoother and softer. So yup, this is my method and I’ve decided to include tea tree oil in my daily skincare routine. It really works!

On the last note, I think everyone should roughly know what kind of products work for them. After all these while spending money for facial and skincare, each one of us will definitely know the type of cream or product that really works for them.

Some prefer to stick to one brand to play safe. Others, like to explore and go on a learning journey (like me). The path is risky, and maybe more of disappointment than celebration. But come on, this is the fun part in the world of beauty isn’t it?





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