I think I’m starting to turn my wordpress into a beauty space.. Anyways, like I said in the previous post, I spend huge amount of money on skin care because of my troubled skin.

Along the path to curing my ugly face, I have gained knowledge and trust myself enough to only do things that make sense to me. This is Part 2, and here goes… :)

#4. Three-in-one or All-in-one, is it really better?

This question is debatable. But based on my personal opinion, I don’t like this idea. Maybe is because of my character, products that self-defined themselves into a miracle cream just make me have doubts. I don’t buy it.

Well, it is possible for them to discover an exotic plant or ingredient, study in the lab and come out with a unique product. However, I always believe that they will exaggerate a little on the description to convince buyers to try their new creation. I mean, ultimately is still business right?

Unless you’re the founder of SK-II, who came across the miracle ingredient-Pitera by chance, if not it is just hype for having so many skincare products raving in the market all at once.

My thoery: Well, I would rather my skincare product to be focusing on one main concern of mine than being distracted with a few benefits that may not even work on full capacity. Yes, it may sound good that one product covers everything you need. To me, less is more.

All-in-one product has one main disadvantage, which is that the quantity of each ingredients supplied to produce that one small tub of cream is greatly reduced. If not, they will suffer a loss in production. And, it is impossible to squeeze so many nutrients inside one 50ml glass container without having to adjust the volume. Which means the more benefits each tub has, the lesser essence of each ingredient is contained inside and the texture will be heavier. It may be fine for you, but you must know that lesser quantity means slower result. Maybe because I go for sure win, then 50-50 of uncertainties. I feel safer when I know the things I am putting on my face, are going to do it’s magic of what I really need (not want).

My personal experience: Actually, most of the products in the market now are focusing on multiple-in-one. Which I don’t understand why, maybe it is cost effective for higher margin?

So no doubt, I have tried a few types of cream that give me many benefits last time. Thinking that it will save me money, time and trouble to study brands. Well, I can’t say it didn’t help me AT ALL but I was wondering if my recurring whiteheads is caused by this range of product.

Okay, you may think that your face need all that nutrients to have that perfect complexion. However, the reason of having pores on your skin is because that they need to ‘breathe’. Yes, that’s why human sweat and why some of us have bigger looking pores is because they need to widen up to ‘breathe’.

(Quick tip: I do feel that sweating helps to get clearer complexion as the sweat can push the dirt deep inside your pores out on the surface. And as you wash your face after that, you can clear the dirt at the same time. There’s no better way to clear dirt in this most natural way. )

When you face is being ‘covered’ with facial cream that the texture are too heavy because of the multiple benefits, the dirt in your pores can’t get out. Sebum keep producing and dirt is stuck inside while the opening is covered by your ‘wonderful all-in-one’ cream. Ta-da, you will see small white bump the next day you wake up.

Too complicated? In simple term, I was the cause of whiteheads on my face so I blame myself.

Tips: Like the Crystal Moist series I am using now, it focus on hydration which all types of skin need especially for me. *The main cause of bad complexion is because of dehydration. Remember this.* Get something lightweight so your skin won’t feel burden, and something that can absorb well is important too. The after-feeling of applying skincare products, should be light and smooth. Not heavy and oily.

Try to get a separate Day and Night cream if you can. Day cream, should be light and able to moisture your skin throughout the day regardless of where you are. Night cream, should be more intensive so as to assist your skin when they are doing self-repairing and cell renewal while you’re sleeping. I feel human body is just so smart and everything become so logical when you study and link the facts together. Wow. *Eyes sparkling with envy*

Verdict: Like I have mentioned, less is more. But of course, always depend on one preference.

Stunned, my 4th point is quite wordy. I feel that taking care of your skin is not rocket science, as long as you have the determination to understand how it works and find ways that work best for you.

Well, love hate relationship I should say. Will update more once I have the time. :)




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