Is it really true on those beauty skincare tips…? Part 1

I have tried numerous skincare products, even before my D-day came for what they so called “Quarter-life Acne Crisis”.  Have you ever experienced when you’re reading a beauty skincare article telling what you should do and shouldn’t, and you went “nah, it’s bullshit”. Ya, for me every time.

I like to google everything (Buddha bless Google), so my brain has the ability to link the facts and mind-blowing myself during “Eureka!” moments. It only happen to skincare theories, so it doesn’t apply to my studies at all. Also, I think the internet need more people to be saying the actual truth, instead of copy pasting to create a false hype.

(Sidenote: I always always (Always) believe that each person has a forte in something, no one is useless. Just need time to realize it, and then expertise in that area. Good luck!)

Of course, a lot came from personal experiences after testing and trusting the internet too much. And yup, all hell break loose. I will try to make sense as much as possible, I promise. So, here goes… :)

#1. Face mist for hydration

The thing with face mist, or face spray, is that we spray on our face (or whole body) to give us the instant hydration cooling effect that will only last a minute? Or when your face is parched, thinking that giving a mist will restore it’s hydration.

Well, it does cool us down on a humid weather and also help to ‘set’ make up too (if you don’t know yet). It is widely known method, and I’m pretty sure even the inventor of face mist didn’t see this coming too. A sudden strike in jackpot for extra bonus.

HOWEVER, giving your face an instant hydration with a mist is not always a good idea. It does depend on where you use it tho, and definitely not at places that have extremely cold and dry condition. Trust me, using the mist in flight is a big no-no.

My thoery: Okay, the thing with water on your face right, is that it does moisture the external part of your skin for a second then evaporation will start. So, when the water is evaporating, the water molecules somehow carry the natural oil from your skin and disappear together. It leave your skin drier in the end, the exact opposite of what you want. In flight, the air pressure is dry and the interior is freezing cold which will be enough to make your skin crying for water. So, misting it not only doesn’t help at all, but will make everything worse.

My personal experience: I have experienced it during my flying days, and it is the stupidest move ever. My face became extremely dry, even wrinkle are forming. And being a smart alec, I used the mist for a quick fix. Not only my face felt worst, even my colleagues are asking if I have allergic reaction at that time. *Roll eyes* Soon, I realized that the face mist is the culprit and my face become a little better after stopping it.

Tips: When to know your face is shouting for hydration? (Okay I read this in an article, not that I’ve been professionally trained.) Is when your skin look shiny on the outside but the texture is rough and extremely dry after cleansing or masking. You may think:’hey, this one doesn’t mean dewy skin ah?’ Answer is, hell no, dewy is glowing and soft skin. Not tight and dry, don’t be delusional darling.

Verdict: Face mist is always a good economical way to set make up, letting it look natural. But, not always a good way to spray anywhere and anyhow you like. *Use with caution* (Drama background music) 

#2. Cleansing wipes better than oil

I used to be a big fan of cleansing wipes, because it is just so convenient and you don’t have to transfer your makeup remover into smaller bottle just to pass immigration checkpoint. Not only that it is troublesome, and you have to worry that (high chance) it may burst because of air pressure during flight transit and making a mess quietly in your luggage (one of my biggest pet peeves, urgh).

Plus, it does remove those concealer, eyeliner and even mascara (not all, but most you know). You can’t expect things to be 100% perfect, so yeah.. By the way, I need around 3-4 sheets to get everything out, so not cost-friendly for me. The whole pack only lasted me the maximum 1.5 months. And, you need to be extremely gentle when applying on your delicate skin.

My theory: My guess is that all the rubbing and chemical on the cotton sheets are slowly ‘eating’ up my skin with the friction each time I’m using it. It’s like mild exfoliation, and a little goes a long way. So, the friction with the sheet’s texture stripped off my surface skin cells. Also, I think that they use a special formulated chemical to remove those tough makeup in order to replace the old traditional oily way. At that time, I was using it almost everyday so it means that my skin does not have enough time to regenerate new cells for replacement. *Sigh* Therefore, I thinl that  cleansing sheet isn’t suitable for everyone, as it can be too strong for people with sensitive skin.

My personal experience: After using for a while, I realized that the wipes are starting to sting my skin a little and leaving my skin dry after using it. I know I shouldn’t use on my eye makeup (oil is better), but I was young and lazy so I didn’t care. I feel that my eyes are losing collagen from all the accidental pulling, causing my perfect double eyelids to become multiple folds (like those old hollywood stars). Only then, I know I need to stop rubbing the sheets on my face… (Sidenote: Finally I understand why beauty experts say that eyes are the most delicate area, and need to be extremely gentle. Because once you loosen the collagen, you need a lot of effort to tighten it back. It took me at least 3-4 years of daily eye serum application to get rid of those multiple folds entirely. #AForEffort )

Tips: I learnt from my beautician that cleansing milk is the best remover for makeup and impurities. Expensive doesn’t always mean that it is good. Like me, Loreal Paris Gentle cleansing milk works like magic, and only cost me SGD 7. In addition, I use Biore Cleansing gel as well, to make sure every tiny bits of make up is removed.

Verdict: Sheets are good, depending on how you use them. Really, don’t use if you are a rough person. Or, an OCD like me, thinking that you need a good amount of strength to rub it for everything to come off. Personally, I feel that the shelf-life is short too unless you’re getting the one with a tight cap but it will be additional cost. Nah, not for me tho.

It may be harmless to use for that 2-3 days of travelling, but definitely need to reconsider if you want to use it for long term or entirely replacing the cleansing oil method.

Quick tip (1): If you carry a tube, try to expel all the air out and tightly close the cap before packing into your bag. If in bottles, pack it in a ziplock bag and make sure to release the air before sealing. To be extra kiasu, pack your clothes and etc into separate ziplock bags to ensure that little asshole don’t wreak havoc. Yes now, you can travel in peace.

Quick tip (2): Always buy shampoo and soap (maybe even facial wash if you’re not that particular) from the destination country itself. Why? Because suppliers or manufacturers will always supply different type of their products (or even may adjust the ingredients of the same product you have) to specific countries to cater to the climate to improve their efficiency. Which means, what works for you in Singapore doesn’t mean it work for you elsewhere. Plus, no harm spending like less than $10 and share among your friends/family right,when it can help you to get more space while packing, lessen the weight and worry-free during transit. #WorthIt.

#3 Self Extraction, right or wrong?

Many beauty-experts (or self-proclaimed to be), are emphasising that we should never do extraction ourselves at home. Honestly, I do agree..but to a certain level.

People, let’s face it. Facial is darn expensive, and I am sick of salons pushing me to buy a package from them always. They know how to make use of my weak point, which is a perfect complexion. *Roll eyes* But who have that much of money to keep getting a package? And worse, they still try to convince you to upgrade your current one WHILE doing facial. Seriously…(another of my biggest pet peeves)

My theory: So, I’m referring to those who genuinely advising not to do self-extraction out of goodwill, maybe they’re worried that we will over-do and worsen our condition. Which is true, some may go a little too far and not only it didn’t clear up the acne, but may cause bacteria infection which will likely leave scars and cyst or whatever. If not, I see no problem doing it myself, since everywhere is selling extraction tool for a reason. Unless you’re unlucky and encountered a really tough acne problem, if not some harmless extraction do benefit in the long run. 

My personal experience: Well, obviously I’m not gonna listen and still went ahead to do what I think is right. Which is, I do my own extraction. *Thunder and lightning* Okay, it’s really not as bad as you think. Yes, I know facial does a better job to clear those whiteheads and acne pus professionally but it come with experiences. Also, if you can collate all of the standard facial routine, I’m pretty sure you can do it yourself bit by bit. I mean, those experts started with zero knowledge too right..? Well, for myself, mostly I will target whiteheads and my T-zone because they are the easiest to remove. All I did was to extract after washing my face. I don’t go all the way to steam and ‘open’ up my pores and blah blah blah.. Nope, and trust me, things may be easier than you think. Alright, I find this task stress-less because I do alot of studying and reading up online for my understanding of how things work before application. That’s why, I am confident enough to go ahead without constraint.

I must say, in fact I did a pretty good job. My T-zone cleared up and looking ‘pore-less’, and my whiteheads did reduce abit. So, now i am proudly to say I don’t need to depend on others for my skin. Good job.

Tips: So, there’s a few things to take note of course. First, the best time to do extraction is on wet skin. Why? Because sebum are almost impossible to remove when your skin is dry and rough, as our pores are not soften yet. It’s kind of logical, for example whenever you clean your clothes, you need water right? Your face work along that line. So when your skin softened with water, you will realize that whiteheads are easier to extract.

Second, always remember to use a dettol (or any antiseptic wipe) to clean your tool before working on another pimple/whitehead/area. To play safe you know, in case you transfer bacteria and make your skin worse.

Third, always work your way upwards when extracting your T-zone area. You will see those yucky sebum coming off, and feeling a sense of achievement. I’m not sure of the whole face, but T-zone pores face upwards so working your way up will make your pain endurance all worth it.

Fourth, never trust any masks that say it help you remove dirt deep inside your pores because it is im-pos-si-ble. Well, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. A physical sebum is stuck inside your pore, and how is it possible for an innocent piece of mask sheet do that miracle? Maybe clay mask does help in some ways, but I will never believe masking can help to clean up the pores entirely without having to push out the dirt yourself. Over my dead body. Do you see facial salon using sheets only during extraction…?

Verdict: EXPERIENCES. Enough said. You have to know what you’re doing. And if you’re unsure, please don’t try your luck. It’s your face, so unless you don’t mind to be stuck at home for days to heal your mistake. If not, leave it to a pro please.

That’s all for now. Hope it helps to solve some of the problems you’re facing now.

To be continued…





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