My acne problem – first wrong move

My previous complexion isn’t the most perfect like Song Hye Kyo, but I can say  that it was better than average. I used maximum effort to get my skin to be as clear as possible. And, I dreamt of having that glow, dewy look without having to put on make up.

At that time, my house was full of face masks that I can afford to use it daily for at least a few months. And, I was hardworking enough to DIY my own facial package at home. I bought machine (yes, those that are used by legit salon), created my own regime for my face and bear with the excruciating pain of doing the extraction myself.

Ta-daa~ Yes, my efforts paid off. My skin was at least up to my expectation (after doing all these shit). I was contented. But, on a side note, the daily mask application has dried my outer skin alot but I ignored this problem thinking that it’s fine.

HOWEVER, my doom day is nearing and hit on me like a bad storm.

Everyone was raving about the BB cushion from brand “L”. Well, so did I. It creates the effect I was dreaming about, and honestly awesome coverage. I used it, and loving it. It was my favourite foundation at that time. My face was dewy, glowing and perfect. Even though it was a fake perfect complexion, but I don’t care. I feel that it is worth it.

Just less than 5 times of application, I have noticed small bumps forming all over my face. Maybe it was because my skin type, I do get those irritating bumps everytime so I kind of take it too easily and underestimate it’s power. But after using the cushion, the small bumps are obvious, and certainly different that those past ones.

By the way, my skin type was “self-made” combination.

Why do I call it “self-made”?

Because I’ve been masking too much, and the chemical extracts on the sheets have completely stripped off my natural oil on my face and unable to generate enough sebum to balance my skin’s moisture. My face is extremely dry on the outside, and oily at the inside. All the skincare experts that have treated my skin, were shocked about how dry my face was. And, I feel that they are genuinely advising me to do intensive hydration before it’s too late. Not trying to sell me package or something like that.

Apart from the drying, my skin became super sensitive too. Come to think of it, the mask’s liquid was all acidic chemical which I guessed was the reason why it happened. Whatever skincare product I put on my face, it stings my skin and sometimes even cause redness. It was so bad, that my eyes teared a few times. No matter how gentle that product (or it claimed to be) is, nothing works at all. Slowly, even the make up foundation and sunblock I put on my face starting to sting too, especially BB cushion. I know it was ridiculous that I was still insisting on using the foundation. I googled if this is normal, and sadly it is not…

Also, I’ve hive reaction several times on my face which give me the red alert that something is wrong. That’s how dry and sensitive my skin was. Alot worse than you can ever imagine.

Anyways, as I was a stewardess, so make up is a big must for me. Not that I want to look pretty, or I keep going out and have to use makeup to cover up my flaws. I was tight with time, and can’t be running around to look for miracle cure for my problematic skin.

And ya, it was too late.

All those tiny bumps got “angry”, and one by one, they exploded and form big ugly acne. At that time, I was having self-denial that the BB cushion suits my skin alot.. So yeah, it’s entirely my fault. I did try non-comedogenic products, but none of them works.

I think what made my my face so bad is that I am purely suay (aka unlucky). Everything just happened to me at one go, no breaks in between.

  1. The BB cushion obviously doesn’t suit my skin type, and it clogged my whole face with impurities.
  2. I didn’t cleanse and remove the heavy makeup thorough enough, which I thought I did and the dirt keep on accumulating deep inside my pores.
  3. I was having hormone change (my dermatologist told me).
  4. My diet ( I’m not too sure about this part, because I did google and it says actually diet doesn’t play a big part on acne-prone skin).

That’s about it, and I think it is bad enough.

So, I got very big, painful acne all over my skin and I couldn’t continue my previous skincare regime. I know I need to look for a new one.

I did look for dermatologist, which introduced me Accutane. A pill that dry up the sebum on your skin, so it help shrinking stubborn acne faster for a clearer complexion.

And that’s the only pro for eating that pill. The rest is cons.

  • You can’t get pregnant during and at least after 6 months stopping the pill. Can you imagine how strong it is…?
  • Your skin get so dry that no matter how much moisturizer or drinking water will not ease the discomfort. And I drink at least 3 litres of plain water on daily basis fyi.
  • I felt nausea after starting the pill, not sure if this is one of the side effects.

So obviously, I didn’t feel safe to eat the innocent-looking pill. I felt uneasy already when I have to sign the consent form before my doctor can prescribe the pill to me. It just doesn’t feel right, maybe is because this is the first time I sign this kind of document which overwhelmed me. Many thoughts came upon my mind, what if I can’t get pregnant anymore after finishing the course…what if my child development is affected because of this pill? What if, this pill doesn’t work and instead I’m bringing harm to my body.. and so on.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t pregnant during that time, and I was in pink of health.

My airline job is already bad enough for my body, and now adding the pill means another burden and risk. Therefore, I decided that I will finish this supply (about a month) and stop completely because the pills are very expensive fyi. Thankfully, I was still having my training during my pill consumption period so I was able to stop before flying starts. I would rather my face to learn to recover on its own than to let it rely on the pill and get “lazy”. I just think our body is smart, and once it has a substitute, it won’t work so hard anymore.

I’m not kidding, my acne have bothered me the whole 2 years until now, May 2017.

I went for a full skincare regime(1), to just 3 steps(2).

(1) Remove makeup, cleansing, tone, SK-II treatment essence, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, mask

(2) Remove makeup (seldom), cleansing, moisturizer, acne spot treatment

I lost my confidence, and hate to leave house so much. I just want to stay home and hide my face.

After much effort, my face did get alittle better once i stop using all kind of products all at once. Maybe my skin was too sensitive and fragile at that time, that’s why whatever I put on my skin just make it worse no matter how careful I was like looking at label, the ingredients etc.

One fine day, my bloody itchy hands and mind tell me to put on the black peeling mask to extract all the blackheads and dead skin. Yes, the really tight one that all the girls are suffering with the painful plucking they have to go through. I don’t know why I have the confident that things will be alright. And BOOM, my face acted up again. The peeling agitated my skin with too much pressure, the external became dry and oil sebum overdrive. Argh…

Like this one. 

Up till now, I am still pissed with myself for making that decision. The money that I’ve spent, skincare products that I wasted and staying at home to slowly recover everything, just burst into flames. Stupidest decision ever… i want to slap myself. TWICE.

Everything back to square one, and I need to restart my engine again. I am an impatient person, and I feel so miserable having to slowly treat my acne again. Who got time for this right?! But it was because my itchy hand, so I just have to suck it up.

Reboot. I have trialed and error everything, careful of what I put on my face. And keep my areas that touches my face clean, and germ free.

First anti-acne kit I bought.

  • La-Roche Posay gel cleanser for oily and sensitive skin
  • Effaclar DUO (+)

I couldn’t get used to the after-feeling from the gel cleanser at first. I felt a layer stuck on my face, and tough to wash it off. I think is because I like the physical cleansed feeling, which means is not good as it would mean that too much of my natural oil has been washed off. When I use toner to prep my face, I can see dirt on the cotton pad after wiping my face.

The moisturizer isn’t really that bad but I think it didn’t work up to my expectation and spending SGD40 plus for it. My face is still breaking out, even though it has been alot stable compared to when shit has just started. It took a while, to see some noticeable improvements for me. But my face still feel alittle dry, and not being protected enough.

Skincare that worsen my face or didn’t help at all:

  • Clean and Clear foam cleanser
  • Sebamed Anti-bacterial cleansing foam
  • Biore Double Scrub Bright
  • Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Genius series (sleep mask and genius water)
  • Thefacestop White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser
  • Thefacestop Clean Face series

I have wasted alot of money to cure my skin. However, along the way, I gain knowledge just by googling and figuring things out. Now, I know more about my skin as compared to the past, when I was just impulsive and stubborn.

I’ve tried a powder wash Kanebo Suisai Powder wash from Japan, it was pretty good at first but soon I realised it has exfoliated my face too much after a while. So, it is not gentle enough for me, that why I stop.

After much adjustment with my skincare routine, now my skin is the oily type and not combination anymore.

I suppose my skin has always been oily from the start. Because I remember when puberty just hit me, I will keep washing my face to keep the oil away. Only when I start my crazy mask application, my skin became combination.

Current skin care products

Maybe it was fate, that I came upon this brand called: Crystal Moist.

I don’t want to exaggerate and rave about this brand, but I think this is decent with a good price. I use their balancing toner, milk essence and moisturizing gel for my day care. The price for each product is around SGD 11-20, and is worth trying out for their skin hydration care. Cheap and good.

The hydration effect is up to my expectation, and my face isn’t having any major breakouts after using it for a month. It calms my skin (surprisingly), and I don’t feel the heavyweight that most of the other skincare products have after putting on my face. Maybe it will not be the best product in the world, but this brand works for me. Thankfully.

Even tho the Loreal Paris genius water isn’t working for me, but I am using their White Perfect Clinical Anti-Spot Derm White Essence, and Overnight Treatment Cream for my night care. And it’s not bad at all. I bought it because I want to lighten my acne scars/marks. Plus, it always state that I can get my money back if it is not effective. hehe, so why not? I think I have wasted enough money…

Anything that doesn’t irritate my skin and cause breakout, is considered good enough. Now, I am grateful that my face don’t go crazy again.

My acne spot treatment is Oxy-10 spot cream, another cheap and good item. One bad thing about this spot cream is that it may burn your skin causing a dark mark when you apply too much on your acne spot, because this has happened to me. So, little by little at a time will be the best.

I still put on makeup, but with more cautious thanks to all the acne scars and marks. Concealer I am using Oxy Cover acne pimple, but it is a BIG MUST that it has to be used after apply my pimple cream. If not, I will definitely see another bump again the next day.

Oh ya, I am using the Bright Ion + CC cream from Crystal moist too. I am super surprised that this brand creates such a suitable CC cream for my face. I know the mistake i have made last time, but this is the only time I didn’t regret for trying out CC cream. I’m not too sure if is the ion + substance that is working for me or is the ingredients in their creation complement the nutrient that I need. But, this CC cream is light and hydrating. Even for me, the extreme oily skin type person, don’t feel discomfort at all after applying it.

I remember when my face was in a mess, I feel my skin dry out faster than average person. I have tried Loreal Paris True Match foundation (24H Hydration), it is good but I still feel my face clog after a while.

For cleanser, I have read an article once suggesting acne-prone sufferers to try double cleansing. The most important point, is the cleanser has to be extremely gentle. And after suggested by Mr. Google, I have learnt the most gentle ones are milk cleanser from Loreal. 

I know most people use it as makeup remover. But for me, I created a wash routine for myself. Daytime I will just use milk cleanser and massage for a while to make sure impurities and sebum to melt away. Night time, I will use the milk cleanser and La-Roche Posay gel cleanser for my double cleansing, then follow my skincare routine.

To speed up my recovery, I am taking the 21st Century Anti Acne supplement. I don’t know if it is helping my face, the result is unknown but I just want to finish my first bottle no matter what.

I did try to reduce my intake of processed sugar and diary products. Actually, I think that those are unhealthy generally, not just for people with acne problem. So reducing it does help, and taking water do keep your body in a good shape.

Maybe my face isn’t suitable for expensive treatments but at least I’m on the right track now. I just want to jot my bad experience somewhere so that incase anything happen, I know where I can read up and get back my motivation.

I have realised that expensive skincare products do not mean that it is good as well. As long as the product help you improve your skin, price doesn’t matter. Cheap doesn’t mean it is bad.

Just incase, the products that I have bad reviews with don’t mean that it is bad on its own. It may do good for you, but is just unsuitable for me unfortunately. And those good ones, are just my thoughts after trying it because my face is very hard to take care with.









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