Facial: Estetica

I am into facial, very into facial. Not that to the extent I can’t leave without it, but will go for a session at least once in a month. 

I don’t know why I trust facial so much, what they do can be easily diy-ed. However, I like the feeling of light-weight cleansed after lying there for 1 hour plus. Maybe the massage is a plus point too. 

Anyways, not that I’ve been to a lot of salons. But a reasonable experiences accumulated over the years. 

Oh ya wait, I’m the weird person that don’t like to sign package but willing to pay for the aka-carte (overprice) sum. 

This time, I chanced upon Estetica. 

For the first time, a salon gave me surprises. Not that the service is over the notch, or their facial cure my acne problem. But this salon uses cooling gel patches to calm your skin after extraction. The first time I came across. And, this baby works wonder.  

Actually, I prefer the first time I’ve been there. The beautician doesn’t sell any package, or recommend any products. I told her what I want, she said okay. Showed me in, and did the skin analysis. After that, proceeded to the facial treatment. All was well. 

This was the key of me going back again actually. 

However, the second time the manager just keep convincing me to get a package. Indirectly forcing me to take one, but good thing is she is polite. 

I’m not an easily convinced person. 

Their remaining procedure for my treatment is normal. Just the gel patches, and one of the few salons with good extraction skills. Plus, they give you tips along the way on how to take care of your skin types during the treatments too. Just that, they try to up sell their product this time. Trust me, I hate salons who keep upselling their products to me during facial. A customer, like me, just want to enjoy the process and rest. I don’t want to keep having to reply you or even have to talk in any case. 

Sigh, but not all understand this simple request. 

Rating: 3.5/5 💜

Overall experience: Good, even tho they stuck me at their analysis room for a solid hour trying to get me into signing their package. I should say, luckily her girls have skills. 

Ohya, when I remove their ‘sunblock’, I see dark paige colour stain on my cotton buds. Is either my face is dirty, or they use cosmetic to cover up my redness… I don’t know, just guessing. 
Signing off, 



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