So, I’m back. 

This world is making me disgusted. Bit by bit. By how they act, say, do and preach. 

Now is a world full of masks, and a pinch of Gossip girls. 

All about lies, climbing to the top and showing the best to others. Note my word, showing not being. 

You know what, I’m not too sure how does all the people get their wealth from, or at least steal the money from. Now, I see money everything. People flaunting what they have, but maybe zero dollar in their bank. People, burning cold hard cash to show how much they don’t care. Model-like posing photos, which “accidentally” showcase their Chanel or Hermes. 

Actually, I do respect those who show off in the most unsubtle way. At least they are not entirely fake. 

What cause the change. Blending in, trend? Influence? Or sudden wealth? Any of this reasons don’t justify for me not to be irritated. 

Some may say because of jealousy, some just want something to talk about. Gossips. They can’t keep their mouth shut. The common similarity to identify, you know who. 

Weekend is all about high tea, video-ing the caviar and learning how to pronounce difficult French words. Weekday is about booking limo and splashing champagne at a bikini model. Well, doesn’t rule out having to hire some models as well. 

All, devote their belief and money into the God of social media. I believe if they is a temple or a cell group, the attendees will always beyond full complements. 

Wearing the trend out, setting backcomb, and judging people of what kind of brand they are wearing. Nowadays, people become shamelessly expressing their interest of high life, and love for money. Money comes in all form of way, no more hours of working and pride. What doesn’t kill me never stop me. 

Kudos for those who are born with silver spoon in their mouth. Well, some or maybe most of them are plated silver. Spending every cent and dollars to make people envious of you. Those pairs of green eyes does need you to pay a price. 

Do I even see the definition shameless, cheap or slut in Oxford now? 

Keep me wondering. 

Cheers to all, 



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