Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fuck you, life

Is life fair… No, it sucks and love toying people around. 

You know, sometimes you question yourself, why is life so unfair. 

It seems like a typical drama script, but wait till you have encountered a true life story. 

For a husband, that dote on his wife so much. For a father, that always give the best to his children. For a man, that has the simplest wish.  And, for a stranger, that always show his concern with little words,” have you eaten?” 

He do not have the highest education, like other modern families, but is a lifelong learner. He scrimp and save, work day and night, to give his family the best life possible. I’ve never heard a word of complaint while knowing him 10 years and counting. From a stranger, year by year, to giving him a nickname.  I hate myself to become a coward, after knowing, and hiding because of the stupidest reason. I want to slap myself so badly, for not able to hold back. I want him well. Is that too much to ask for…? 

Can you imagine the heaviness when finally everything has fallen in place, but now missing one puzzle piece? His hard work paid off, and his biggest wish seems nearing in time to come. A little more, and he can enjoy the calming sea breeze. That’s his secret pastime. Now, so near yet so far, so close yet so hard to reach. 

He loves to joke, always entertaining his family with those jokes he heard on radio FM. He is understanding, not just to his own loved ones. He is a simple man, absolutely family guy. No matter what, he is the pillar. Whenever I go over, he is there. Always there. 

Somewhat, recently I realized when I’ve started to get comfortable with his presence. He is not just an uncle, but the uncle. One, that will wrench my heart to see his tired face. Just like how I will feel for my own father. One, that I’ll hope to see his everlasting wrinkled happy face. One, that I will pray for him the best, wholeheartedly. 

When future seems so fine, now become so blur. When his longing happiness is on its way, now become a battle race. 

When everything is becoming perfect, now has appeared a black scar. 

As much as I hate how fucked up the life has did to him, I pray for miracle to happen. Please, at least, until his wish come true. 

Hoping for the best,