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This whole world has become so disgusting, absolutely nauseous. 

No one can be trusted, eagle eyes are everywhere waiting for your downfall. 

Too masked, too nice, too disappointing, too unpredictable. 

Person beside you may have the most evil thought, but smiling most widely. Hurting you in a civilized way, too well trained. 

Can’t get a single shit out of my mind, am guilty of all thoughts that came into my mind. 


Words for thought

Last Friday, I’ve decided to queue up the exceptionally long wait to pay respect to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. 

I am not here to say how much I’ve worshipped this man, and how much I’ve adored him. All these will stay on my heart, always. 

However, I came upon this incident. Which I felt that, Singaporeans are going overboard in accepting the kindness gestures from the volunteers. 

I was buying coconut ice cream to kill the humid weather, and overheard an auntie commenting,” the ice cream should be given free to us, not selling.”. 

The moment when I realized this: Singaporeans are starting to take thing for granted. 

At the start, we appreciate all the thoughtfulness and welfare from the donators and staffs. Annoymous forking out personal cash to buy all the “freebies”, and soldiers to build tents and first aids to ensure our body conditions. 

Maybe the soldiers aren’t doing this volunterily, but at least I dare to say they’ve done their best. I heard from my colleagues, who have done setting the tent before, one tent will take around 15-30 mins. And this is only applicable if you’re fast enough. Plus, one set of fully equipped tent is very, very heavy. 

Imagine, no Singaporeans are willing to step out to help in the chaotic situation, do you all think you can make it to parliament? 

Imagine, no Annoymous Donors, do you all think your hunger and thirst can last till to Parliament House? 

Imagine, no soldiers are willing to set up the tents, will your body able to take the extreme heat or rain? 

Did all Singaporeans appreciate all of this? 

No. Not everyone, sadly. As much as most of us appreciate and thankful for all the efforts made, but it is disappointing enough that some still make moronic comments. 

They sort of have lost their focus, which is to pay last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Instead, they look at the freebies and join in the “fun” crowd. People will always become an Ass for their greed. So they expect more, and become NATO ( Not Action Talk Only). Complaining the organizers aren’t doing a great job, complaining the freebies are cheapo. Complaining this and that, in the end they’re the one snatching all the bread and water. 

If you want to talk shit, then don’t take. If you want to take, then STFU. 

Lastly, I want to thank all the welfare staffs for taking such an awesome care to the public. Thank you kind donors for your drinks and bread. Thank you for the fans too. Thank you soldiers for building the tents and ensuring we are in good conditions. I can’t think of everyone to thank right now, because I haven’t had my coffee yet. But really, thank you so much.