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Yesterday, I bought the latest issue of CLEO and inside there is a topic that attracted my attention.

Complain Fasting for 21 Days

Simple and straight forward.

People always say detox and cleansing plan, including raw food diet, no processed food and maximum meditation. However, we failed to understand the true meaning of detoxify. And well, i think that complain-fasting should come into the picture right now.

i feel that complaining is an addiction. it comes out of our mouth unknowingly, whenever something bad has happened. This is not exactlya bad thing, as some proved that this is one of the ways to voice our your unhappiness and not swallow the sorrows. Trapping all the sadness inside is very bad to your health. Remember this. Regardless is family, friends, work-related, or BGR, we all have something to say. And, if you pay much attention, majority will tend to start with negatives or complaint first. Only after that, you will want to balance out with the good things and sweet memories.

From young, we started this habit of complaining whenever things don’t go in our way. For example, once when I was young, I tend to complain that my mom is bias as she don’t want to get me the pair of jeans that I want. A few days later, my mom came home with the jeans that I’ve been yanking for which she has already planned on buying. Just that my mouth speak faster. Instant guilt alert.

So, take a day, and start calculating and keep track the number of complains you’ve made. From small issues to big ones, from new ones to old ones. Yes, what I mean by old ones are those complaints you keep repeating like a recorder. Don’t deny it, i know most of your do that kind of thing.

Personally, I have not officially started my complain-fasting. This is because I am figuring out ways to stop myself from complaining. One main issue that I have with myself is that I love to be sarcastic to those people who have offended me, Well, sometimes for fun. So, it is a strong urge for me not to retaliate and stand up for myself. So yeah, i guess this will be a tough job for me. For the sake of self-improvement, I shall brace through all hardship.

Okay, I’m bullshitting.

Anyways, as the saying goes, it is the thought that counts. Bravo if you see this as necessary to cleanse your soul, shrug shoulders if you think that this kind of fasting is rubbish. And, if you didn’t make it or give up on the first try, go slow. Start with a week, then follow by 2 weeks and gradually make it to a month. Or a year, or even better, forever. it is better to start with something, then to cry your hearts out on your failures while doing… nothing?

i do think that this is a good way to upgrade, as you will present yourself in a naturally way better. It will definitely helps in both your personal life and career. Who doesn’t like to be with a cheerful person that see the best in life, and never blame anyone for any mistakes right?

Also, I do feel that there is a need for other kind of fasting. Like Gossip-fasting, Quarrel-fasting, Sarcasm-fasting and etc. Do whatever fast that come to your mind, which you deem as toxic habits.

Cheers to a happier, brighter and better future!

With Regards,