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From the day that we are born, we are being restricted with boundaries.

Some people like to live with rules and regulations. It give them an answer to the Dos and Don’ts. With these boundaries, they will not make mistakes, and know their limitations. They like to be their comfort zone, with direction and restricted freedom.

Some people beg to differ. They hate boundaries, hate rules and regulation and hate to be inflexible. To them, rules and regulation is just a guidance. Improvise is the key factor.

Personally, i am one of the stubborn 90s generation that hate boundaries.

I hate the fact that people have this mindset that following in a restricted path will guarantee their way to success. This is ridiculous. I hate that we are being limited with our creativity and exposure. We should be adventurous enough to try new things, enjoy experiences that are way beyond boundaries.

However, as much as this sounds really easy, there is still an area of reality that each self need to face. This sucks, but it will only drive me harder to achieve my goals.

No money, no honey. A truth that everyone need to face. No one is able to deny that money is a part of contribution to happiness. Come on, stop saying that “Money is the root to all evil”. You have to admit that this little evil do make you achieve your goals/dreams faster and smoother. No? You are lying to yourself.

Well, I am not here to reprimand the “Money” issue. So, back to topic.

We have been getting used to being restricted when we were young. Mom says can’t do this, don’t do that. Rebellious kids will get against their parents, who obedience kids will listen to their parents. I am not pinpointing at the parents, but this society.

Have you ever realised that when we are doing something, our mind will be in dilemma. “Are we allow to do this?” “Are we getting into some kind of trouble if we proceed further?”

If yes, ta-da~ You are the common victim that are being educated with limitation. Inflexibility and maybe, a human robot? You only work with what you’re being programmed, and can’t go the extra mile.

I am not saying that making rules and regulation is a bad thing. However,it does give a child some kind of negativity during their development. I can’t deny that putting boundary is the key to good order. Just that, the bad thing is it is inking a mindset in a child that we must stick to the rules and not think out of the box. it is so deeply rooted that it will take a lot of effort to change this thinking. We can lose confidence and not having enough “wild” fun when we are young. By the time we have realised this, our bones will break just by thinking of chasing back the fun time that are wasted away.

Whenever we are face with new challenges, our mind is being restricted to what we always do. In other words, we can’t break through. This is what I hate about this education culture. Everyone is trying to be the best, and stand out from the crowd. If you look at the big picture, they are all doing the same thing. Study hard, and get the best result or top in the school.

Sadly, if  a kid is sucks at studying but is always giving new ideas and think out of the box, no one appreciate. Worse, people think that it is wrong. Why? This is because they themselves have been sub-consciously being deeply rooted with the standard boundaries.

Even for myself, I am stuck with boundaries too. Whenever I am planning or daydreaming to goals that seem unreachable, my invisible boundary appear. My mind will be “Will I ever achieve it?”

(One good thing about myself that my sister hate is my fuck-it attitude. Once I face a challenge and have second thought, I will tell myself not to think so much and give it a go. Thankfully, I have been through the studying hard period. )

Well, i cannot give false hope by saying ” Of course you can!” Cause it feel a thousand times worst if you really did not make it in the end. So, my standard comforting words are ” No regrets if you have tried your best. ”

Safe mode on.

Anyways, this post is not about encouraging people but reminding people that there is boundaries around us. Physically and mentally.

Why some of them are able to make it big and be really successful?

It is because they think that boundaries are just a pile of shit, and avoid at all cost. And yes, I am telling myself every single day to breakthrough this clingy bubble. It is demotivating and disgusting. Shoo shoo.

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MRT incidents

Yesterday, I went to search videos on Youtube about Singaporeans who quarrel in the SMRT trains over minor issues. Snatching of seats, shoving them in crowded trains, staring incidents and etc.Well, it is embarrassing, and definitely uncouth for.

Personally, I am not a train person. i hate the crowded cabin, stuffy and sweaty. I hate people with unpleasant body smell to be near me. i hate to see ‘foreign talents’ to continue squeezing in even though they see that the train is OBVIOUSLY FULL. Worse, they find it amusing. A joke that I can never understand which part makes it so funny.

Another incidents I can’t stand in those ‘kiasu’ aunties and uncles will dash their way into the train and snatch for the seats. Alighting commuters didn’t even have the chance to leave the train, and the crowd started boarding. I wonder why is Singapore the most difficult place to educate with the basic transportation courtesy. You know, there are some people even push their way through just to get a seat in non-peak hour. Isn’t this ridiculous?

You are competing against others, so that the first to get seated will win the next lottery? Or, is this a fengshui thing? Or, is there gold lying around the seat? Are we playing musical chair now?

Another incident that I dread is those healthy strong aunties and uncles abuse the priority seats and deem as it is meant for them. If we don’t, especially those twenties or younger, they will scold us as if we are wrong.

Okay, I don’t understand this part of logic. You are obviously not disabled and doesn’t need any help, why do you want to get the seat so badly? The sign is saying to give up the priority seats to needy people, and not to people older than you. If you are illiterate, the pictures explain it perfectly well. You do not fall in any of those categories, so I don’t see why you should deserve this priority seat?

I hate unreasonable aunties/uncles who criticise people in public with their filthy mouth. The words are so insulting, and think they are always right. You say that you hate the current generation that we are too revealing and rude, then I say that I hate the past generation who is unreasonable and crude. I will respect people who deserve it, no matter is older generation or younger generation. If you don’t deserve any of my respect, don’t expect me to greet with a happy smile. However, of course the youngster is always at a losing end.

There are people who just look at the surface, and they see a youngster and an auntie quarreling, 90% of them think that the younger one is at fault. They don’t even try to understand the situation, they just believe what they see. They don’t care if it is because the girl is fighting back after being insulted, or just defending herself. They will side the auntie. Reason being, because the auntie is older and look weaker so must protect her.

Rubbish, idiotic logic.

I was taught by one of my friends, never believe everything the news say.

So, no matter how unreasonable the auntie is, or whether she is at fault, people will always side them because they ASSUMED  that older ones are always right.

Now I’m wondering, maybe one of the reasons that younger generations become more outspoken and smarter is because some of the older generation are misusing their authorities.

Some of us are trying to defend, not being rude or aggressive.

Anyways, all of these need to stop. Please, Absurd.

Signing off,