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Being Thirty is a big thing

My title sounds like I am turning 30 yrs old anytime soon. But, it ‘s not.

i like to read those inspiring post, especially advice from experts telling us on how to improve ourselves.

I am twenty-two this year, and consider prime time of my life where  I am still young to pursue my dreams and be adventurous to sort out my future career.

Honestly speaking, I do admire those who have dreams to chase right now at my age and determine to strive all the way until it come true.

You know the anxiety when you picture yourself being thirty, and working at your most hated job which is not even your least forte. You work for the sake of working, and get a stable income every month just to survive. You drag your feet to work every single day, and of course you’re obviously unhappy You question yourself why should you be suffering like this, in the end the conclusion is your brought it upon yourself.


You didn’t work hard for your dreams, and doesn’t trust yourself enough. You think that it is impossible, and you would rather stay in your comfort zone than to face the challenges. Maybe you’ve tried, however you failed the first time and decide to give up.

So, lead to talk about setting my long term financial goals. Well, by all means say that I am being practical, at least this guarantee I have a goal to work for. This is different from pursuing my dreams. Of course I have a dream, just that I am cowardly enough to hide it well in my head than to work on achieving it. Well, I think that the time is not right yet.

If you haven’t thought about your financial goals, you should do it at this instant. Trust me.

Like I mentioned, dreams and goals are two distinctively different achievement in life. Financial goal is more of what you see yourself in ten years time, mostly in cash value term. And, for myself, the perfect timeline will be when I am turning thirty. Well, I always see being thirty is something big because you are embarking on the next half of your life time. Financial goal is something that you can reward yourself if you don’t reach your dream. Like a consolation prize, I must say.

A dream is something you are willing to die to achieve for. A strong passion, and a push to overcome all the challenges. You do not always need the motivation from outside world, because most of the time it comes within yourself. The passion never dies, and you enjoy every second without fail. Like a strong happy pill. You will never ever want to change your path, not even the slightest thought will come into your mind for a split second.

Personally, my suggestion is that if you do not have any dream to achieve right now, start from your financial goal. At least you will feel motivated, and something to look forward to. It clear your mind of what you want, and what you need. By the way, just to emphasize, I am talking about LONG TERM financial goal.

Long term as in, those that you will need to work really hard for in a long run. Not just achievable, but fight your way to your goal. Those that you will question yourself, but go ahead to try striving for it. Simple rules to follow, that’s all.

You plan, you try, you determine, you achieve.

For example, ask yourself, what do you see yourself in ten years time? Owing a car, What brand? Owing a house, which estate? A retirement fund, how much?

If you realise, all of my questions are linked with money. Well, it is FINANCIAL GOAL DUH. Take it as you are planning to higher up your human value bit by bit. All billionaires out there start from scratch, and work their way up. So, give yourself a goal, when do you want to achieve your first pot of goal? Or, if you are not particular about money savings, set an rightful amount you wish to see in your bank account on your thirtieth birthday.

It will be the best birthday girl, ever.

Well, what I am thankful for this century is that, we are the Y-generation. We are not afraid to pursue our dreams, and our stable economy make it possible for us to start up a small business. We have excellent examples almost everywhere that our age group has succeeded in their passion and education is not everything.We are not afraid to voice out and believe we can excel.

You can have a full list of High Distinction Certificates, and perfect education cum background records. In the end, you will opt to start your career with just require lower educational levels. For example, start up a hawker food stall. Normally, fate will change everything and just need to overcome each obstacles.

So, I do think that being thirty is a big time. It mark that you have officially live past half a lifetime. You can determine your achievement, regardless of dreams or financial goal, at that point of time.

No matter what, I feel that it is important to have a goal in life as it pushes you to work hard instead of staying put at the same place. Something to look forward with great scenery is better than a blank and dark future of no knowing what will happen next.

Signing off,



Food trend that I can’t stand in Singapore.

Where should I start…

Okay, maybe disclaimer first. I am a Singaporean, and I am proud of it. I am unlike those anti-Singapore locals, and I sincerely love my born country. Even though we are small, but we are strong. No doubt. Sadly but true, there are bound to be a few things that we detest, and that’s no difference for me at all.

i am trying not to sound like a show-off. Fortunately, I was being brought to the very first and authentic Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong. The glutinous rice w/ chicken wrapped in lotus leaf tasted heaven, and the Char Siew Pork Bun is so delicious. Okay, but not all to my liking, for example I remember that I did not fancy the shrimp dumpling at all, but is well-liked by the locals. So, i am not a gourmet. I respect my taste-bud more than I will blindly follow the crowd. A dish to compliment was the vermicelli roll. Thin and smooth in your mouth.

So, I went to Jurong East Tim Ho Wan outlet yesterday and the dim sum were so disappointing. Those that I find it acceptable were only the congee and Char Siew Pork Bun. Just to be fair, I feel that Char Siew Pork Bun will never go wrong. Even the one you found in a normal bakery shop taste good. I was quite excited to reminisce the taste after being back in Singapore for so long, but sadly the quality is not even near those delicious little addictive bites I had in Hong Kong.

Ironically, you see reports or reviews over social media of how delicious or awesome they all in Singapore. Isn’t it like the blind leading the blind. What really disappointed me the most is the vermicelli roll. Ugh.

Oops, went one big round to make my first point. Being so overrated. Singapore is always queuing for everything. Once the review is up, you will see people start to queue for it. You will wonder what is the hype about, so you went ahead to try it yourself.

You spend at least 30 mins in the line, and less than 2 mins at the counter as the crew are trying to sell as much as possible. You taste it, and patiently waited for your mind to be blown. And Ta-da~ NOTHING. It taste freaking normal, and infact you can’t finish the whole thing cause you are so pissed to waste so much time getting this piece of crap.

I hate queue-ing for food. Unless it is really worth it, best example goes to HK Tim Ho Wan, I will suck it up because I know that it won’t disappoint me. Guaranteed, if not the locals will not be willing to join the queue because obviously they will know other places that serve better dimsum. Oh, just to mention, there is a dimsum restaurant open just next door, but the business is very bad.

Yes, if you get my meaning, the customers are willing to suffer from hunger than to just fill their stomach. It is that bloody awesome.

There is another snack that is hyping now, which is llao llao. Everyone is eating it, and the queue is so ridiculous. i cannot judge how delicious it may taste as i haven’t tried it yet. However, I will never join the fucking long queue for… just a yogurt. Anyways, the hype will be gone soon (I hope), typical vicious cycle.

The place that I find it a shame to be crowded with people is Stranger Reunion.

Their waffles are really the best so far. I don’t know the professional criteria to a good waffle. But as long as i am willing to travel back for more, It is definitely worth for me. When I first got introduced to this cafe, it was small and quiet. Not much people, and one of the best places to enjoy a cup of joe. The light is dim, and located along the street. You will want to shamelessly stay there for as long as possible.

After it was being publicized in famous food review website, it has turned into a cafe koptiam as it is filled with cafe-lovers. It is almost impossible to even stay there for long. Even though the server tried their best to make you as comfortable as possible (plus point), but the incoming crowd just spoil the mood. Boo.

So, what I want to say is, alot of times the reviews are just exaggerating. The food isn’t that fantastic, but for being paid for advertising, most of the reviewers are just there to create the hype. Okay, but some of them are really good, and able to justify for the ever-lasting queue.

So, I think it is the queue that pisses me off, not the food. Or maybe both.

It is not that I got a picky mouth to only choose the best food  to go down my stomach. I hate the fact that some franchisers out there is just targeting this food trend in Singapore and earn their profit. If my food is just above average, and I know Singaporeans can be lead blindly to determine “yummy”. I will absolutely open an outlet here, regardless of my quality compare across the world.

There is no such thing as the food will taste just as good unless from the start it is from factory production. Then there is a slight possibility that it will taste just fine across the world. However, if your specialty of the restaurant are focusing on hand-made, it is never possible unless the rightful chef can split his souls in pieces and stationed in each kitchen.

My favourite chef is my mom. it is because I know she will make everything from scratch without cutting any slack due to her character. Her home-cooked dishes are ever so tasty, but she will only do it for special occasions. Sigh.

Gosh, I can’t get over how awful the glutinous rice wrap was until now. Yuck.

Signing off,


The measure of beauty

I have read some articles about self-beauty and decided to pen down my thoughts.

Beauty, is one of the deadly addiction that one can lose their mind in midst of striving for excellence. Once you’ve started your journey on this dangerous path, it is either excel or fall behind.

There is a price behind every beauty. Some will scrimp and save every hard-earned money to transform themselves. Some, who are born with sliver spoon, will spend tons of money to find the best surgeon that they can trust. There is always the first time, being newbie and noob. However, this is a path with no turning back.

It seems like i am exaggerating and sound like I am against man-made beauty. Please allow me to make my point.

In the past, no doubt that I have thoughts of going under the knife to ‘adjust’ my nose and face shape. However, the photos and the risks that come with the package scares me. At that time, plastic surgery is still a big-thing in Singapore. This is just me. I do look upon those with the courage in their road to beauty which turn out really well. Of course, there are failure cases which is sadly enough since plastic surgery is a one-time thing.

These are fine. Really. From the bottom of my heart, they earned my respect in their determination to pursue beauty. They do not deserved to be boo-ed at, because there is nothing wrong with it.

However, what disturb me the most, is that this has become a trend. The message that comes behind all those experiences and strong advertising power, pollute the mind of the girls out there to even undergo simple aesthetic procedures like fillers and botox. They look inside the mirror and find fault on their almost perfect faces and deem as a must for the injections.

It has become not a need, but a belief. They believe that as long as they have injected this chemical inside their face, they will look better. All these sufferings are just temporary, but the beauty and popularity worth every inch of pain.

I wonder if Korea has encountered the same phase as well, before plastic surgery is deem as a memory to go through during their young days. It is shocking that almost all the korean friends that I’ve met over the years have done at least one surgery in their lifetime. And those who didn’t is only because their family is too poor and she has to be disciplined and earn the fund herself. It is because of the different culture, that makes me starting to have a greater acceptance in plastic surgery.

I do have a question in my mind: Are we on the right direction for a well-developed country?

Yes, we are developed and personally my life has indeed turned better after everyone started working in my family. We are not rich. But compared to those who are struggling to pay for their monthly bills, we are considered within our means with no trouble.

However, once a person has extra cash in their hands, they tend to lead a better lifestyle. They can enjoy indulgence of luxury lifestyle, and this include making themselves look better. It is within their capability, why not..?

Also, I must emphasis that the biggest part of the reason is due to their ‘career’  that has to link with their beauty. They are being judged by their face every time, and words can be harsh. Some anonymous can leave hurtful comments that trigger to ruin one’s self esteem.

Like I have said before, words are deadly weapons.

If they are negative comments of a specific part of their facial features everytime, the person will want to improve it so as to shut people’s mouth up. They got the money, and the broad network. They can do whatever they want, but in a subtle way.

Trust it is clear, I shall not elaborate further.

Anyways, I am not in position to determine how a person should spend their money, regardless of their social/financial status. It is just irritating that the message which is going around, promoting plastic surgery. I mean, since when does all the aesthetic clinics need advertising at all…?

I am pretty sure more than half of the Singapore population has zero limit while striving for beauty. So, there is no need to promotion and customers will come to you naturally. The demand is high, and never die unless the world no longer see beauty as it is currently being measured. Which is, never possible. Well, it does have at least 0.5% chance, but beauty and money seems to be always link together. You want money, then go be pretty. It is a vicious cycle.

You see, there are advertisement almost everywhere on social media. So, one day I was thinking why do they seems to be eager to earn revenue at this point of time?

Therefore, i have this crazy mindset. They see that Singapore’s economic is striving and there is an ongoing trend of people hungry for popularity. In order to be popular, the first key factor is to have a pleasant look. In this case, the plastic surgeons are focusing on these hungry young beings and brainwash their mind that it doesn’t mean alot to go for plastic surgery. It is just that people are too conservative and can’t adapt to changes. This is the 21st century, you should be the special case and not be a follower.

Quoted almost everywhere: The World need to change. *Roll eyes*

Ta-da, brain washed and signed the contract. No turning back. Promote in a happy tone, and the trend started burning strong.

Especially for those who can create a big impact to their followers, the clinic focus on them to invest for money rolling in after that. Smart move.

Well, it is none of my business and just voicing out my thought. Who knows, maybe some days in the future I have decided to use the same tactics and be crafty to generate revenue like this as well?

You simply just can’t say no to money, right? *Ka-ching*

Signing off,



I came in peace, but we are not on the same page. 

This time, I am gonna touch a different approach of racism. 

I, myself, confessed that I am a racist. I hate those arrogance and phony Mainland Chinese that reside in Singapore. Regardless is PR or under work permit. I hate sick in the mind and perverted Bangladesh workers who tend to wreck havoc in Singapore. Even though I am thankful that they took their construction job diligently instead of cutting down the material to construct “tofu building”, I have personally being insulted TWICE by a Bangladeshi who presented his private area in my face.

Well, I am not thankful at all as I see no contribution that the Mainland Chinese has done to Singapore. They polluted this beautiful city with their irritable noise, and flaunt their dirty money around with pride. I have personally witnessed arrogance Mainlnd Chinese to declare “Singapore” as their own. 

No matter how much money you have contributed to SIngapore’s economy, you are still an outsider. If you’re unhappy, then don’t come and earn our currency which values more than Chinese Yuan. Fuck off. I don’t get it how can they be so thick-skinned because their economic prosper due to sheer luck…? 


Anyways, I have met a whole new version of Racism when I was in United KIngdom. Well, obviously, racist against yellow skin. 

They judged, they scorned, they shoved, they knocked, they steal. 

First incident, I was shopping around the souvenir shop of Sherlock Holmes Museum when I accidentally knocked onto an middle-aged woman. They are English, I think. The woman had this huge reaction and pull her arms back as if her elbows will rot after touching an Asian, with face of disgust. Ridiculous.

Second incident, I was walking in the Metro train station when a black skinned guy ran past me in a blink of light. I was startled. He turned back, looked at me and laughed it off while walking away. My friend told me is because he has failed his attempt to snatch my bag away.

Third incident and by far the most outraging one, I was walking along Manchester city area looking for my vans design. A blondie decided to walk up to me and knocked (really hard) on my shoulders. The road is broad, and spacious. It is very offensive and I looked back, death staring. Her friends are laughing, and turning to see my reaction. She didn’t turn but her back does gave out a cocky aura. Coward.

I went for 17 days, around UK and Paris, and met with 3 different types of incidents.     

Why do I say this is a different type of Racism? 

As a Singaporean, I do not go around provoke non-locals with my authority of being a pure blood in my born country. I am fine with them around, as long as they do not step onto my tail. I do not attempt to steal or play tricks on them so that my day will get interesting. I do not judge everyone of them, unless they insult our fellow beings. 

In conclusion, of what I’ve encountered, they are aggressive and have no fear showing their racism attitude. In fact, they hold pride in looking down on the non-locals. They assumed that all the Asians in their country are riches and gullible for easy pickpocket targets. They provoke, as they think Asians are weaklings. They look up to their own nationality as royalties among other continents, and think that others are no match for them. 

Interestingly, I am now wondering if the British that have migrated into Singaporeans think the same way as I did in United Kingdom? 

Do they feel inferior? Are they easy targets for thefts and robberies? 

I can’t be joining Anti-Racism Campaign because I am racist myself. However, I do hope that there is a respect in being racist. You do not provoke and create trouble. You can judge by all means, but never allow it to be a type of mentally or physically bully. 

Bully and Racism is different. It is a fine thin line, a grey area. Once can easily cross the border, and lose their mind in the top hierarchy.  

As much as I hate Mainland Chinese or Bangladeshi, I do not stir shit making them miserable. I do make silly jokes about them but is within my own personal zone without causing disturbance. I don’t intend to change my judgement on those horrible self-obsessed PRs. 

Actually, I believe the reaction and behavior to racism is according to peer pressure and the way they are being educated. For example, for my 1st incident about the woman with the huge reaction, I am pretty sure that her education to her children about racism should be quite extreme. Her children may be like her, or against her. That’s all. For my case, I am in a healthy zone. I am racist, but that is my own business. I tell the truth to my friends, but I don’t try to manipulate their mind. My mom taught me the right way is to see equality in even skin colour. However, from my experiences, I can only see equality in people who deserve it. 

For example, I salute the Mainland Chinese who came here to work and be humble with their own entertainment. I salute the Bangladeshi who came here to work and support their faraway family. I salute the Filipinos who came here to work and be faithful to their husbands who trusted them wholeheartedly. 

If you can visualize, once I helped a Bangladeshi with his remittance of money to his friend. I have even suggested to him that he should apply for POSB account so that he do not have to go through a 3rd party for his money transfer every time. It is very dangerous, even though Singapore has a low crime rate. Low crime doesn’t mean no crime. 

I am not trying to show how benevolent I am, but yes, I am trying to prove that I am not racist to all dark-skinned construction worker in Singapore.

Anyways, I am not proud to be racist. However,  I am not ashamed to tell others. I believed that as long as they don’t come and provoke me, I am fine seeing them around even if they crowd the Jurong East area and picnic at Lucky Plaza.   

Side note: For the young lady to knock onto me on purpose. You are uneducated and not fit to be a British. For what I have always see British, is their pleasant slang accent and their manners. A simple action shows how crude and uneducated you are, a bully that I despise the most. You do not have the courage to confront me directly (well, for no apparent reason), and do the most embarrassing, discreet small actions to prove to your friends your ‘authority’. I suppose you must be very ill-treated as no one tells you this is wrong. Your friends support your actions, maybe they see you as a dimwit for doing something as per their fun request.

This is foolish, Please practice self-love and self respect. If not, you will always be a failure in your life. Someone who is just using whore-like skills to survive. A girl without brain, is simply just pathetic.



Signing off,



There is no such thing as all those troubles just come finding fault at you.

I have heard my friends complaining their sorrows to me. Being a straightforward and so-called impulsively tactless person, I tend to give a lot of comments without filtering. Which I feel bad right away after that. 

Actually, not say that my comments are very insulting or sarcastic, but just that some words I’ve used are too strong for the vulnerable, or what I call, weak-hearted.

However, yesterday I had my thoughts during shower time moments, and I started to think back the complains and troubles that my friends had told me.

Suddenly, I just had this conclusion. Well, can’t put this in a bad way. Maybe not everyone, but in fact some of them do invite the troubles unknowingly.You know, people named it “trouble-magnet” or “drama-magnet”. All the chick flick movies e.g Mean Girl, are always filled with teenage mini drama, girls competing with each other or over guys.

Thinking it through, some of them ask for the troubles. There will be shitty days where you miss the train, step on poop or fall down and tore your dress when you’re running late.

These are different. All of these are pure unluckiness. You just have to suck thumb and hope the rest of the day doesn’t get any worse. Just to let you know, normally, it does get even worse.

 So, for examples, you got into a fight with your classmate and you actually think that nothing is gonna happen to both of you? Dream on dude. The minute that you realise, Discipline Master is standing outside jotting down your name on the detention logbook. 

When you first get into the fight, you know that it is wrong. You went ahead because of ego, pride and trying your luck? Well, this is the simplest example I can come out with. If I know this is wrong and I reject to continue the fight, will everything happen? 

Okay, can’t leave out the fact that I will prank that bastard, but for now I am safe. No punishment, no bruise, nothing. 

If you still don’t understand, to put it bluntly, you ask for it. Everything.

Yeap, you can say it is hard and can’t let you go. However, I believe that this is a phase you have to overcome in order to ‘move on’. You can’t possibility just say “no”, and expect the trouble to lower their heads and walk away right…? If life is that easy, I will not even read those motivating quotes and pretend that life is perfect. (Even thought my blog say “Life is Good.”, but only apply when you are enjoying with what you’re doing.)

If you haven’t allow any of this to happen to you, nothing is gonna put you down. Vampires are only allow to step into the house, when you invite them in. So, which means, you remove the protection shield yourself. Well, you have no idea in the first place, doesn’t mean that you can’t put a stop to it. No one force you, right?

I sound like everything is in place in my life, and seems to be mocking at your misery. Nope, you are wrong. I have my troubles, but just that I tend to avoid those I deem as ‘potential trouble-makers’. I do not have a good foresight, but I trust my instinct. If my heart says ‘no’, there is nothing enough to do it fight for it. Heart is the core that keeps you alive, and function your body. It can do many great things, but only provided that you are willing to trust your heart. 

And if you haven’t realised, I don’t sugarcoat my words. Even if i need to put it in an insulting way just to wake you up from a disgusting idea, I will fucking do it. 

Another scenario is that, you listen to your heart and lead to this, However, after suffering for the first time, aren’t you suppose to walk away already? 

People suffer with depression, is because they can’t walk out of the dark and see the light. They keep living in the past, and unable to move on. So, in the end, depression got worse and it is too late. Gone, not physically, but mentally. I always feel that being mentally unhealthy is way worse than death. You torture yourself with all those sick ‘punishments’ or even to your loved ones who have cared so much for you. Taking care of your needs, and be there 24/7. In the end, you perform black magic, or even though of killing them during their sleep. After that, you kill yourself. So selfish. 


It is rubbish to say that troubles are always there for you. No, they don’t. They like to attack the weaklings, just like any other bullies. 

Never ever allow a trouble to ruin your path of happiness. It is called stupid.. 


With regards,