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A girl that doesn’t celebrate her birthday

I am, absolutely, totally, certainly not the only one that don’t really celebrate birthday.

Wait, is it weird?

Well, all I can say is that I am not exactly a birthday person. Well, thankfully, I do feel the need to celebrate my 18th and 21st birthday. At least, I regard these 2 as my important perk in life that I am becoming an adult.

You know I have mentioned before the “key” to adulthood after you’ve passed your 21st?

Then, there comes a trending birthday theme of “Forever 22”. Maybe it is because of Taylor Swift or people are finding reasons to throw a big celebration party. I think that it is bullshit though, wtf is forever 22? Then if you are turning 23 or 24, and the theme continues burning popularity?

To all of my close friends, they know that I am not into birthday celebration. Yes, I do like to party and enjoy. However, birthday to me is just like any other day. Of course you will hope that your friends will throw you a small celebration with cakes and presents or even balloons. Or, you can take photos and show off in your instagram your popularity that everyone wanting to be there for you on your special day ( I see all the guilty faces out there…). However, isn’t it boring to be celebrating the same old thing every year?

Like Chinese New Year, I find it boring and pointless to be excited about it anymore. When my brain started to accumulate memories, I felt so excited about CNY and hope that this can happen every month. The atmosphere, house visiting and yummy goodies just fire up the excitement so much.

However, recent years, I find it mundane and a chore to go from house to house. Well, practically, doing nothing! You smile, greet and sit on the sofa for the rest of the day while snacking to fatten your tummy (not good). Especially your family members are into mahjong activities (like mine), I have to sit there watching them continuously playing until it is midnight. To emphasize again, DOING NOTHING. In the end, I picked up the game and started playing during CNY to kill time too. Oops.

So, back to birthday.

At least to me, this is a same thing. Every year, you will come to this date when you’re born. Cakes, candles, present, birthday song and a meal. That’s it. To make it fun, you add a staycation and partying till you drop.

Unless it is meaningful, if not I find it nothing special to be planning and spending all these money. Well, you can take this day as an excuse to spend a day with good food or get that pair of eyecandies that cost a bomb. Birthday can be a good tool to convince yourself that you deserve it.

Well, at least, I am not rejecting to all of my birthdays. I do think that celebrating your 18th and 21st is quite important as it signifies your journey of entering adulthood and officially to be responsible for your actions and future. You are legal to anything you want. Not like you shouldn’t be responsible before that, just that you can still get away as people think that “you’re still young”.

After that, regardless of the obstacles, you will be on your own.

Having said that, not everyone are ready to face adulthood even they have hit 21st. Have you ever know someone who is still acting like a baby or still playing Gossip Girl dramas even when they are in their twenties? Trust me, I know and in fact quite a number of them.

Please allow me to clarify this part. It is fine to be immature together with friends in order to have a great time. You don’t have to be a uptight and be an adult for everything. For example, in USS, it is okay to go excited about the mascot and rides. It is okay (or even super cute in the eyes of woman) to let yourself down and have fun. What I meant for the above is to be childish wanting woman to give way for everything. If we don’t, you start to pout or throw temper. This is not okay.

That’s a different, get it?

I am not saying that we should be so damn fucking mature when we hit twenties, like earning the first pot of gold or owning a car.  However, at least, you should be independent and responsible for your life and actions. It is not being a 3 years old, and cry whenever shit come in your life. You should stand up, overcome it, and eliminate the negativity.

You should be working your life toward the future you yearn, not working yourself to disasters.

So, this mindset doesn’t apply to everyone. Maybe majority, but not all. They go “Yup, totally. I agree with what you’ve said and have been working hard on this part”.

In your mind, you’re thinking “Nope, you’re totally bullshitting and I am wasting my time listening.”

At least I can clarify, it is not about the age thing. They say that girls don’t like to celebrate their birthdays because it is reminding them that they’re getting old.

Rubbish. Total crap.

Maybe this apply to those who don’t want to admit their age, but I believe most women out there are successful enough not to  focus on this little age game.

You know, sometimes I just detest guys who stereotype that all females are the same. They think that we are whiny about our age or we hate to admit that we’re old. At least i have a clique of girlfriends who are not that vain or have that kind of low self-esteem. I think it is depending where do you get to know this type of woman, and how.  Those are types that pound heavy makeup on their face, and go for extreme makeover to attract riches.

Yes, we like to spam on cosmetics and expensive skin care products. However, please understand that not everyone go the same direction. Some like to care for their face in order to look presentable and feel good about ourselves. Others, as what I call it, are vainpot and hope to live off rich guys. Woman judge woman too, remember that. The birds of the same kind flock together. When you know a woman that is materialistic, don’t expect any difference from her group of “besties”.

Yup, so proudly to say, I am 22 now. And nothing special about it. No meaning, nothing celebratory about this.

My next big birthday bash will be when I am turning 30, and it will be a celebration of embarking to my next 10 years of wonderful life working toward my goal.

Don’t be afraid to be the one different from the crowd. If you disagree, you have the right to voice out.

Yes, you have.


Signing off,