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Cruelty to satisfy human entertainment desire

Last Saturday, i have been to Macau for a short getaway.

So, to experience new things that i can’t see in Singapore, i went to Canidrome. It is the only place in Asia for greyhound racing. The idea is somehow similar to horse racing, where you can bet on which dog to win the 1st place per race.

Well, it was interesting. At first, the trainer will bring their dogs to walk on the track first before the race start. I was being told that the reason behind this is for the audience to take a look at the dogs and see their ‘conditions’ to determine which one will win the upcoming race.

And then, the trainers will listen to the in-charge to stand by their dogs for the race.

Well, for horses, they will only lead the horse to station at their positions. For dogs, they will force the dogs into a enclosed gate which is just enough space for them to stand facing thee track. They are unable to move, turn or even lie down. i believe inside is dark and cold,as the gate is made of metal.

I can even hear dogs crying in fear and wanting to get out so badly.

Once everything is done, the in-charge will open the gate and the dogs will dash forward chasing a man-made rabbit which will be moving along the tracks.

Well, i felt sad for them. i mean, they are meant to be human’s bestfriend. However, they are been used for purely human entertainment. Taking them for granted, and satisfying their gambling needs.

The cry that the dogs gave are not aggressive, but begging people to let them get out of there.

I have watched a documentary of dogs to become submissive. Dogs should be quite aggressive by nature. When you are being attacked, a natural reaction will be to fight back and defend yourself. Same goes for the dogs too, they will use force or bite if they feel threaten.

Sadly to say, not for those that i saw at Greyhound racing.

They are submissive, and sort of foresee all things that are gonna be happening to them. They are so unnaturally obedient. Can you imagine how much has they been through to this extent?

I don’t know how well the trainers are treating them on normal day. One thing for sure is that, they do not enjoy doing this.

It is a different case for horse racing. You can see that the jockeys are treating their own individual horse really well. They will brush them, train them and let them have the best dietary habit to win the race.

What i see from the greyhounds, they are skinny with strong body muscles. To me, they are just form with bone, skin and muscles. That’s all.

i do hope that they are not being abused by their trainers, or being starved as a punishment for doing badly for the race. And, what pain me the most is that, they put their faith in human beings, but we let them down without feeling guilty or remorseful. At least, i see none from the trainers or from any of the gamblers out there.


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Random rant – Social messaging

For a start, i am not a person into whatsapp-ing or communicating through typing.

Why? Plain lazy, and how could you genuinely understand a person just a typing a few words? hmm…*scratch head*

Imagine you’ve a whole chunk of words to say, and have to switch it to typing with the tiny keypad that may not even fit your fingers. Or, your nails are so long that you can’t even type properly.

All those fucking irritating autocorrects, and message spamming. Ugh. The vibration or ‘ding’ just turn me off some times.

Side track. Last time, i am really into qwerty keypads as they are so nice to type in. Especially blackberry, i was so in loved with their buttons. Well, i’ve been supporting blackberry for a while until i have personally experienced how lousy their smartphones are. Yes, their design is sleek and decent. However, the phone will bloody keep hanging and loading take damn long. The condition is so bad that you will just want to throw the phone to the wall and get a new piece. Worst, you will not even feel a pinch at all.

So, back to topic, let’s take whatsapp as the focus.

Whatsapp is an app for smartphone users to download so that they can instant message their contacts without costing a single cent. All you need, is just data plan. (or not, it used to be free. However, they have started to charge user as well. What the fuck.)

Have you ever realised that some people are just so into whatsapp-ing, that they have became slave of the social media?

For all whatsapp user, you will surely know they has the “last seen at …” thing on top.

They will question the other party why didn’t they reply after seeing the message?

Omg, just tell me is that irritating or irritating?

They have put their focus in life on the wrong place. They are obsesses with instant messaging so much, that they lose grip and control of it. They will always  bend their head down and keep looking for any one to ‘type’ to, or waiting for their particular one to reply.

They are living in the media world, where everyone is well hidden behind a wall and not showing who they really are. Well, being anonymous.

Before all these messaging practice are here, people will just talk to each other. Literally.  Isn’t that better?

I find it hilarious, and stupid that people (even myself) will get affected by instant messaging. Thankfully, i step out of it and thought it through. Not worth it. Why allow this lifeless pixel thing get into your mood, right?

Well, it is logical to message each other like arranging for meetup or telling each other the joke of they day or informing each other their whereabouts of their meeting place. Cause they do not need to call the person, but just informing them will do.

However, it is a problem when you are looking at it 24/7.

A piece of advice?

Get a fucking life.


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