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How to love a Girl who doesn’t know how to be loved – By Elephant Journal

Came across this good read, and find it meaningful.

How to love a Girl who who doesn’t know how to be loved.

This is good, take some time and digest it.


Listening ear.

I am writing this post while having PMS. Words used will be harsh.

Sometimes, you do hope that there is a person can give you all the attention and listen to your rants. Random rants, those kind of on the verge of volcano eruption. Those moments, when you know you’ve to talk to someone before talking to any random soul again before you murder that poor guy.

Choosing a person to rant is quite difficult. You thought that person can be a great listener and digest everything you said, but maybe you will be wrong. Maybe you thought that the person will be bias at least for you, but you’re wrong.

Assume is making an ASS out of U and ME.

It doesn’t matter if their comments is essential, ranters just need a listening ear so that they can release the anger inside them. You want to feel better after letting your anger out, not worsen it.

And also, a person that will listen to you instead making the whole picture turn around. In the end, when you realize, you are their listening ear.


Signing off, Ang.