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News that bothers me

It is very annoying when you read a piece of news somewhere, and the content is all crap.

The fault is not at the publisher, but the person itself saying those words. I have read some during these few days, and it is just annoying the fuck out of me.

First, If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it.

It is coming from a SENIOR POLICEMAN, Ranjit Sinha, who leads the Central Bureau of Investigation in India.

So, he sort of thinks that rape cases are just like sport betting which is banned India but everyone is still doing it. Shouldn’t he be worried that the raping of innocent party has been increasing? I am not saying those whore out there, who dressed skimpy and indecent body language. I am saying those who just are going home from work, normal people. Whenever rape cases appeared on the cover page of newspaper, my heart goes out to all the victims.

Maybe it is a girl thing, that we have some sort of telepathy. We can almost feel how traumatized the victims are, and it is going to take a long time to recover physically and emotionally. 

However, I just cannot believe that this come from a person who handle the rape cases. Almost everyday, he is talking to the raped victims and interrogating the suspects or rapists. Have he even realised that things are getting out of hand now?

It is not just sexually abuse, but it is starting to endanger lives of human beings. A girl DIED because of the gangraped. Even death penalties are no fear to those out there, thinking that they have a chance to get away with it.

Please, open your eyes wide and see the overall picture. Use your brain to filter the words coming out from your filthy mouth.

Second, Primary student who scold teacher.

I feel like slapping the little boy.

Trust me, i hate how the trend of parenting and education in Singapore now.

Most of the schools are restricted on how to education the right disciplinary actions to their students because of the parents. I have heard parents complaining to MOE that their child has been mistreated by the teachers when the child himself is at fault. Isnt this ridiculous?

Parents, who are must more educated compared to the past, are being so self-centered of themselves and starting to think that they can teach their kids better than in schools.

This little boy, named Justin, talking back and scolded the teacher when he has been told to get back to his seat a few times. The teacher apologized to him for shouting, and Justin got bolder to even shout back at the teacher. I did not follow this news, and have no idea of the outcome of this incident.

Call me traditional, but this teacher did NO WRONG AT ALL.

I wonder how has this kid been taught at home?

Does his parents say that never listen to what the teacher is doing?

Or, does his parents correct him and say you shouldn’t scold or shout back at a teacher?

i feel that education in Singapore is softening down, and all schools are just fighting hard to become one of the best schools that all parents are dying for their kids to be at. In addition, the parents are getting more demanding and pampered their kids too much. Now, it is like a torture for parents to see their children go to school every morning, and with tons of homework to finish every night.

Hello, isn’t this is what studying should be like?

Okay, when i was young, i hate schooling as well and felt that homework is a chore. However, my mom never ever slack me down. Yes, she does buy all the tonic for me during exam period BUT she will always told me to respect people. Not only teachers, but everyone who deserve it.

And yes, there are some news of nannies or teachers abusing toddlers or pre-school kids. These faggots should be send for consulting.

However, if you can differentiate these two, is that one kid who may going to become a smart alec who think he should be the president when he grow up. 

I am not going to say right or wrong, use your eyes to see and brain to think.  

So, Justin darling, if you ever see this video of yourself scolding teacher when you grow up, please be remorseful and regret what you’ve done.


This is funny, but sad to hear this from our leaders. I don’t know how true is this as i cannot find a link to this video.

So, do you mean, singaporeans shouldn’t take SMRT train anymore? This should be in part of your planning when building SMRT. And, this got me wondering, why don’t we have train breakdowns so frequently in the past?

Well, maybe the population has increased, but shouldn’t SMRT conduct an annual or monthly check on the trains before releasing it to run on the track?

I feel that leaders are now pushing the blame to the commuters who pay for the fares and always accept their fare increase when they feel like raising it.

Hmmm, actually, this got me thinking…

Now, singaporeans are not wanting to have so many kids. According to what i’ve read, in the past almost every couple will want to have at least 2 or more kids. In my family, i have 2 elder siblings. So, since we are cutting down on bearing children, and i can see so many non-singaporeans working here. I wonder, what has caused the overpopulation in singapore??

Do you have any idea?

I am not really sure though.


So, does these news annoy you too? If so, we are best bro. *pat on shoulder*

Of course, there are like people not proud to be singaporean, or youngsters trying too hard to be popular and stuff. But well, they do give us a good laugh right?







Definition of lousy movie is debatable.

Some people may think that draggy romance movie is a lousy film, while it bring back memories of experiencing young teenage puppy love. Some may think that it is stupid to pay money and scare yourself in a horror movie, while it bring thrill to those who are mundane with their lives.

So, to me, the lousiest movie of all times, are those who make use of young teenage rising stars.

Well, in other words, just for the sake of fame and money.

Do you realise that some blockbuster movies always fail to continue a sequel? Well, unless it came from a book like Harry potter, then it is a different story. And by the way, this is a form of cheating.

It is always a vicious cycle. The first movie rise up to fame, and the sequel just die off everything. The anticipation, the enthusiasm, and the “how i wish i am in the same situation” feeling.

Well, this is no fault to anyone. It is just that people will have a higher expectation after that, and mentally pressuring film team to come up a better sequel.

Nowadays, i am seeing lesser and lesser quality movies especially like down-to-earth and realistic movies. I love watching them as it bring close to our hearts and we know how it feels. Also, like for those who haven’t had a chance to experience it before. In life, there always be some parts and parcels where no everyone can take part in it. It is a shame, but well, life goes on.

I hate those whereby they only get all the good-looking and “on the surface” actors kind of movies, and the whole movie is just shooting their perfect angle or guys to be flashy to show their abs or ‘pork ribs’. This is total waste of money, and what message can it convey to us in the end?


Even the stupidest comedy can give us a message of what it is to like to be simple and happy. Watching them, you may find it stupid but in the end you can leave the theater laughing your ass out.

Do you get what i mean?




Taking them for granted

Today, i took a bus to reach the MRT station and a very minor incident stuck in my mind till now.

Normally, the morning traffic is a bitch and the bus will be very squeezy. My working hour is consider later than average, and i still need to face this problem EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Fml.

Anyways, I was being super aunty and trying to secure a small spot so that i won’t be late for work. Well, I lied. I am always late for work, regardless how early i wake up. I am super lucky to be working in this company which my boss totally don’t care about my late attendance as long as i do what he asks me to do. *Bless you deep deep*

So this bus uncle (which is rarely seen nowadays) allow us to squeeze the bus front to the brim. Oh, FUCK YOU FOR THOSE WHO WON’T MOVE IN TO THE BACK OF THE BUS. Really annoying. It is not rocket science, just move to the fucking back. Is it so hard to understand?

And when we reached the next stop, there is no way for another passenger to be onboard. Impossible, not even a small child.

This aunty, who i think is late for work, give a ridiculous expression and mumble something on her mouth. Well, i can’t exactly know what she is saying since i was in the bus. Suck on that bitch!

The bus uncle got offended and said: Is she blind? Can’t see the bus is very full?

Of course, he didn’t say in such a nice way. Well, i just modify abit so that it doesn’t sound offensive.

This got me thinking, are we taking all service providers for granted?

Yes, their job is to provide quality service to us. However, if we were to ignore their occupations, they are just like normal human beings. They choose to be in the service industry, maybe is because they are passionate about their jobs. Or, is that they need this job and salary to feed their whole family.

I was in the service industry during my internship, as a hotel Fnb server. It was fucked up. During every banquet event, you will feel like strangling some of the snobby guests. Sorry to say, but especially educators from private college institution. They will look down on you (literally), and don’t even say “thank you” after that. It is like you owe them a fortune. Gosh, and you think all teachers out there are angels?


So, i felt sorry for this bus uncle. He did nothing wrong, however have to tolerate self-centered people with their stares and glares. They do not think about those night rider bus drivers. How will they get home without spending over twenty bus if no one were to take the midnight shift? How will they get to their destination by spending not more than 4 dollars?

I got really emotional when it comes to silent contributors to the society, and doing their job. Come on people, use your brain and think it through. Put yourself in their shoes, I bet you will be cursing and swearing too. For a person who has been there and done that, I cannot tolerate when people are treating all the service crews as their maids or think lowly of them.

Do you ever realise that only service providers have the knowledge of high quality treatment? Do you ever realise that only service providers can give you the royal treatment that you’ve been yearning for? Do you ever realise that only service providers have the power to control the fate of happiness during your oversea trip?

Without them, don’t expect yourself to say “THIS IS THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!”.

Without food server, who will introduce the must-try in their restaurant?

Without transportation operators, who will help to reach to your destination with minimum hassle?

Without sales assistants, who will give the best advice on which products will suit you the best?

Without make-up artist, who will glow up the celebrities?

Without forwarder or coordinator, who will ensure your cargo to reach the destination safely?

Without barista, who will brew the best coffee with the right temperature and quality?

I can’t list out all service occupations, but I think i’ve explained my point clearly here.

Come on people, please wake up from your obnoxious habits and start to respect every single service crew out there who are working their soul out to bring us convenience and quality services!!





This is what i think

All along, i have always believed that girls have a strong sixth sense. Or, gut feeling. Actually, i don’t know the difference between 2 but they should roughly mean the same.

If someone is genuinely wanting to help you, as a girl, you will be able to feel it. Like the sincerity. However, I do think that some are quite fake in a way. Or maybe not say fake, however they are like being socially pressurized by popularity by all readers out there to make them think that they should to save the world or something.

Not like i am saying you can’t do anything cause you are young and clueless about the society. However, you have to accept this shit. You haven’t started working, and now you’re trying to change the world into a better place? Yes, that is very noble. But maybe it will be more easy to fulfill when you are older?

I have being introduced to this girl, and everyone sort of adore her. From head to toe, her dressing style, makeup tutorial, and even wanting to know her personal life. Okay, these are fine. Really fine, and good in fact. Why? cause she is portraying healthy image, and not taking drugs and leading people to path of self destruction.

Just that, I don’t really think the same with others when she is offering her help. I do find it phony. I think is just myself thinking this way, whenever she wants to lend a helping hand to those girls in need. I mean, you sound like you’re accumulating credits so that you can join the Miss Universe Pageant.

Sorry, i know i sound like im being bitchy. Unless you’re being gullible, there are really faggots out there living on earth aiming to cheat on young girls like you. Maybe you dream big, but darling reality is fucked up. They always stand infront of you and give one tight slap to wake you up. Telling you things that you’re too young to understand.

Up till now, i have being slapped so many times that i have already immune to it. Plus, i dare not say that i have experienced enough to be like an adult. I think even some adults are still learning how to cope with society. 

Anyways, i respect that you are helping people. However, i do not agree with the way you’re doing it. It is too foolish, and you are putting yourself in danger.




This sound really harsh. You have to think twice before committing to such promises. I mean, empty promises can lead to hatred by all your fans. You see, they trusted you but in the end you broke it. Believe me, you will regret to even make that promise in the first place.