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Unique way to perk yourself up


i got a confession to make. I was feeling down recently. Well, you know the period that all memories and thoughts just bombard into your mind? 

Ya, it sort of happening to me now.

And so, i decided to look back in time and read all my previous posts that i’ve done over the years being a “blogger. 

Side track. “Blogging” is considered as a profession now. You know it used to being a hobby that bloggers out there would want to have a space to speak their minds and be truthful to themselves. It  has really fascinated me alot. Proudly to say that, it is really POSSIBLE to turn your hobby into your career.

Needless for me to give examples, everyone will know all the famous bloggers at the tip of their hands. *Snap!*

Gonna stop my topic on blogging, if not i can go on and on…

So, conclusion after reading, “C-R-A-P-S”.

YES, total crap. Well, this is not a bad thing though. I mean, you are free to speak your mind in your blog right? So, at that time, i got the concept right and jot down every single details in my life. Celebrations, rants, thoughts and etc.

However, i realised i was smiling at myself when i read each post. Not in a creepy way, of course. It is more of a thankful and recalling the fun moments. I was grateful that i have started blogging since Sec 4 (if im not wrong).

I’ve shifted once. From to

You know when you are so into blogging at a point of time, and wanted to share everything to that invisible someone that seems to be always be there to share your experiences. (Okay, this time is pretty creepy.)

Nothing can explain this i guess. Maybe is a psychological thing. Like you yearn for a listening ear whenever you want, and blogging is always be there that don’t disappoint you. Okay, i sound a little bit bastard. Like taking things for granted, and be selfish to assume people are revolving around your world.   

Moving on.

Honestly, i feel that my mood has lightened up. Decided to find back the happy old me again, when i am into blogging so much. Also, too eager to show the world what is happening in my life. 

I went from a full of picture, to a wordy blog. Is there a word call “Wlog”? 

Like video blogging, they call it “Vlog”.

Logically speaking, word blogging should be called as “Wlog”. Maybe? (I tried pronouncing it, but it is giving me tongue-tied. HAH! Have luck trying! Anyway by any chance i got people reading this post, can teach me that perfect way to pronounce this? I do really want to know. )

Just an advice, if you are feeling lost or life sucks to the max, please look back at your old posts and you will get what i mean. Like, you will miss the happy old self, instead of the grouchy bitch wannabe.

Im serious! I felt happier now, for don’t know what reason. Got a drive in me to get on back to life and determine to strive for better life.

I do not know whether it will really help me that much, at least i feel positive for now.

That’s enough for me, not asking for too much.

Now, i do feel bad that i neglected this space so much. I like to go blog-hopping. Which means, jumping about to read people’s blogs. Their enthusiastic in every post, efforts they made by putting pictures and decorating their blog space to look attractive.

Not the decoration part, but the efforts part.

I admit that i did not put in my best effort to maintain ‘life’ in my blog. I mean, i do love blogging but i find it a hassle to post and edit pictures that i took. Btw, my phone is a Blackberry Torch so the camera is not as good as iPhone’s where you can edit on the go.

I am a reincarnated sloth. Damn fucking lazy.

Last time, i can stay up all night just to do up a post that is up to my expectation.

Remembered once i was doing a post for my Hong Kong trip using my tablet, I was clueless what the hell went wrong and all my pictures just keep disappearing in my draft.

I tried thrice. (Don’t say i’m a weakling to give up so easily. Tried THRICE.) Still faced the same problems, and i decided to give up.

Speaking of this. Please allow me to have a 5 mins rant.

I dont know what the hell happened, whether is i pressed delete accidentally or is because of my tablet. And it was tons of pictures, my eyes were so dry after finishing the post. Imagine how disappointed i was when my realised that all my effort went down to drain, pictures gone and blog all messed up. *Cry*

So, that was the last time i have the intention to post something really interesting.

Well, maybe i decided to do the post soon? Since i was talking about this, and feeling bad for taking my blog for granted.

Anyways, I just want to say thank you to my space here for being always there for me and listening to my rant. Getting heat up cause i stay up too long to type my post. Being forgotten (some time) or being ignored cause i am too lazy.

Thank you, xoxo.




With love for my Blog,