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30 mins post challenge

I’m giving myself a 30 mins challenge and jot down whatever that will come into my mind within this time limit.

First and foremost, I AM DAMN FUCKING HUNGRY!

My stomach is giving the soft whale sound, and i hope it will not get louder. 12 noon, please come fast. I’m dying of hunger here!

Suddenly, brain dead. I couldn’t think of what to write.

Oh shit, this is really stressing me up. I do not want to waste a second trying to think of what to right.

Oh, got one.

Hell yeah, i am going to BANGKOK NEXT WEEK! From 3rd Sept till 8th Sept.

i cannot wait for this short getaway, Finally, i can leave Singapore (little boring red dot) and explore elsewhere. Imagine all the food indulgence, shopping, and maybe alittle bit of Siam Diu?? Teehee.

I just want to experience the life in Thailand, the slow pace but congested traffic. Even though i have been watching variety shows introducing all sort of thai culture and yummy food, I still hope that i can try out one day.

Yes, and I finally going do it!

Shit, my tummy just growled again.

Mooncake festival is coming. Well, it is just my assumption cause I do not know the actual date yet. Why, cause everywhere is selling mooncakes. Regardless of traditional or snowskins, but thankfully mooncake hasn’t been my favourite since young.

I still prefer french pastries like macaroons! Omg, how i missed Laduree’s macaroons. Da Best So Far!

Digress, sorry. I can go on and on and on about macaroons.

Anyways, I will still eat them just that won’t be crazy about it (unlike macaroons). For a sweet tooth person like me, I still think that mooncakes are far too ‘heavy’ and sweet for my liking.

Plus, on a vain side, their calories per serving is damn scary.

Wow, only spent 8 mins typing this big chunks of words. I can take my time now. So dumb to even feel nervous about it. I think is the essay exam’s fault during my secondary school, always worry about not finishing my work on time.

Moving on…

A little more about mooncakes. I’m still interested to try out those unique flavours. For example, brandy truffle, champagne, XO, red dates or lychee martini.

Well, more of curiosity of how it taste like. Sadly to say, most of the time i still find them taste the same. Just that the reviews or their description are too over-rated.

Or, maybe is because I do not know how to appreciate food.

Sometimes, I heard reviews or friend’s introduction that certain cafes/restaurants serve to-die-for desserts or main courses. However, I will go:’ how to know if a food taste so fantastic ah?’

For me, my guidelines are:

– I am able to finish the plate (which normally happens)

– Must make me feel worthwhile and willing to pay for that price

– Ambiance 

I am quite a easy-going person in terms of food. Not really that particular about their taste, as long as it don’t taste like shit.

Speaking of being an easy-going person, how to really define this?

Friendly? Easy to make new friends? Or, easy to talk to?

Well, personally, I do think that I have the idea of letting new friends think i am arrogant and hot-tempered. (And, I don’t know why)

Okay is because i don’t really talk much when i get to know a new person through mutual friend. Awkwardness.

By the way, I fucking hate awkward moments.

You know sometime you will encounter a person trying to talk to you in the lift?

Today, I’ve just experienced this.

A guy from who is on the same office level as me took the same lift. At first, we smiled at each other. Well, this is normal courtesy.

I got this gut feeling that he will bring up a topic. AND HE DID!

My mind was:’ Why??????????????”

He got a strong indian accent (I’m not trying to be racist here) which I have difficulty to catch what he is saying.

Side track: I have been working with my india agents for a year plus. Up till now, I still cannot understand due to their strong accent. I wonder how my boss master that skill??

Okay, so i sort of entertained him and replied with those (what i called) safe answers.

Oh shucks, I got carried away and left with 3 mins!!

Shall write something impactful to end this off.

“Resource being in the wrong place will be see as a piece of rubbish. Rubbish being the right place will be seen as an useful resource.”

Hope to start your thinking cells…?


Finishing my 30 mins challenge,



Suddenly, urge of ranting nonsense came to me. (Part 4)

Was thinking what took me so long to write this post, when it has been happening to me almost every week.

Anyways, no words can describe how disgusted i am by people who will always want to push their luck.

Unless you are blind or diagnosed with night-blindness, can’t you see that there is no space for the whole stupid bunch of you to get into?!

I was at Dream (Clarke Quay) last Saturday, and finally the lioness inside me has roared.

The music was fantastic even at the beginning, my friends and i were totally enjoying and having fun.

Okay, actually I was somehow expecting that it will become very packed as the party goes on. Well, it is a norm and Im not trying to be difficult or what.

However, it became damn fucking crowded to the extend that we have no space to dance or even wiggle our body. Standing there like a statue and people are saying that;” Wah lao, why isn’t that girl dancing? Dont want to dance, then go away. Don’t occupy space on the dance floor!”

H-E-L-L-O! Not that we DON’T want to dance, is that we have NO SPACE TO DANCE.

See the difference?

Moving on. Where was I?

Oh, so it became so crowded that my mood instantly dropped from Yay to Nay. Well, it was quite obvious because my face started to frown. Even my friends knew i’ve switched on my pissed-off mood.

And obviously a chain of GUYS didn’t know that I was on the verge of explosion soon. So, they were happily trying to squeeze into the crowd and get nearer to DJ TINC.

Side note: DJ TINC is damn pretty and her set is awesome!! TWO THUMBS UP! When she started playing, it was crazyyyyyy! 

Back to topic.

Even though they keep apologizing to us, but still continue to squeeze inside. Come on, my tolerance for this kind of stupidity has a limit. The point of saying “Sorry” is to let others know that you are guilty and a silent promise that you won’t do it again.

If you apologized, but still continuing your stupid acts. What is fucking point? I rather you just squeeze through and STFU.

In the end, I roared and scolded them right in their face. They were stunned. Well, at least they are not those kind of stupid maggots that will challenged or fight with a girl.

Disgrace to guys.

Oh, and one idiot laughed. Well, fuck his life cause that laughter sounded like sarcasm to me.

“Very funny meh?!”

“HAHAHAHA. Ya, quite funny..”

W-T-F? So Singaporean guys are now going into an evolution of stupidity and brain damage?

How the hell is that even link as a funny joke?

Encountering this kind of people will just shorten my lives by a few years. He is like the real-life version of Patrick (from SpongeBob Square Pants), just that at least the cartoon character is way cuter than he is.

Nutcase. Totally.

It is really disgusting that some clubbers out there think that they are ultra skinny like a piece of paper and always squeeze into the crowd.

Imagine you are in our shoes, i can 100% bet that you will be pissed off too.

So, give and take please.

Oh, this made me remember another issue I want to rant about.

Why can’t some clubbers just dance properly?

Must they twist and turn their whole body, bend down from behind and those big actions?

I don’t understand. Please enlighten me.

I know clubbing means dancing to the dj mix and drinking to get high. There is no right or wrong on how a person like to club or dance. However, courtesy comes first.

There is a difference between dancing and doing yoga on the dance floor.

You do not need to practice your flexibility here. As the saying goes;’ Do the right thing in the right time’.

Don’t come into the club and expect all of us to clap for you after seeing how well you can bend down.

You just deserve middle fingers and a good beating from all of us.

This is a club. Which means, there will ALWAYS be a space issue especially it is a popular place for all party-goers.

Ughhhh. *Clench fists*

Next time, if i got the capital, i will open on Yoga club for these kind of people. With all the yoga mats and sweatpants.

Okay, that’s about it.

I know it won’t get better, and there will be still some idiots out there doing the same. Well, I don’t expect much either.