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Siding the guys for once…?

Speaking up for the guys for once. I think i had too much alcohol last night, hangover post. Okay, Im totally joking. Just sudden empathy for the guys out there, WHO ARE NICE.

Those assholes, fuck off. ( I keep thinking about the joke when my friend show how to ‘fuck off’ literally. Damn hilarious)

Well personally, Im always strong supporter of “Fair Treatment between both genders”. To me, the traditional thoughts that having a son is better than having a daughter is major bullshit.

Like what the hell is this even logical? Just because guys have one extra stick dangling down there, and that makes them a better person in future?

One issue that i never ever get over with.

Sorry, random rant.

Anyway, this post is not about me underestimating guys or standing out to fight the rights for all girls out there.

Well, its the opposite. :)

In the past, i always think that guys are much more fortunate. Why?

1. Menses.

Guys do not need to go through one week of blood flowing in their intimate part. No moodswings, feeling lethargic and etc.

2. Pregnancy.

Well, this is common sense. From dinosaur years, females are always the one being pregnant. Like, Duh.

3. Housewife.

Yeah yeah, guys do housework now. Don’t get defensive yet. Cause all the older generations will say: “Girls should know how to cook, clean the house and take good cares of the kids in order to marry off well. “

4. Child genders.

Okay, this is an interesting one. I have watched so many dramas, and it is ALWAYS  the mother’s fault that the child turn out to be a girl instead of a boy. To tell you the truth, it is the FATHER part to blame.

Have you heard of the XY-chromosomes and XX-chromosomes?

Read this:


Now, this is the real fact:

The sex of a child is determined by a man, and NOT a woman. How?

 This is naturally what God endows man with since the man is the head of the family and he is given double portion of XY chromosomes.

 During sexual intercourse, a man releases his sperm into a woman’s vagina, the sperm contains two chromosomes [X- and Y-chromosomes (XY)]


Okay, scientific proven.

However, i have starting to realize that guy is not having that kind of ‘good life’ that we thought (or, I thought) they have.

They are under social pressure.

They need to be financially independent. Well, to me, it is their own ego to think this way. Whatever.

I have read up articles that some females are more attracted to guys that are more financially stable. In order words, RICH BASTARDS.

So, i assume that guys will normally have this mindset that most girls are more materialistic?

National Service/Army.

Well, in Singapore, every guys will need to serve army for 2 years. Unfortunately. There is no way to escape, unless you are medically proven to be unfit.

So, I feel sad for the guys on this. Imagine being inside and do all the tough training, plus not sleeping well, food just to fill their stomach, and getting scolded for nothing.


Since Im at this topic, they will be ‘wasting’ 2 years of their time. So, they will attend university later while girls of their same age be at their last year in school or have started working.


Okay, i cannot deny this. However, girls tend to have more advantages.

Molest. Guys will be charged on court if they are caught molesting a girl in public. Raping will be the worst decision they have in their lifetime.

Gentleman. Guys is obliged to be gentleman or generous to girls. It is just how God set this world to be. I dont know why, and can’t understand as well.

Acting cute. Imagine guys are acting cute like the way girls do. One, they will be punched by their manly friends. Second, girls will become sisters with them.

One more thing. Girls have the tendency to get things go in their way without offending people. Sadly to say, guys will turn out to be a douchebag if they do the same.

So, guys do have their woes part yeah? 

Balancing Yin and Yang,



One Day Quota.

I have the habit whenever shits happen in my life.

Which is, the One Day Quota.

Well, it is easy to explain and understand. However, it took me much determination to practise it. Cause, I am those kind of people that will ponder over those shits  until i can get it off my mind.

Honestly, it is quite useful.

(Okay, i think too wordy for the introduction.)

When shits happen, i will always tell myself : Wan Ting, Im giving you until 12 midnight to get over this and sleep it off. The next day, you will NOT be sad/discourage over this issue. Everything will be back to normal.

It may sound weird to you…

I discovered this trick myself. Maybe the reason is that, I hate the feeling to be sad. To me, being sad is stupid. It is like you bringing yourself down and suffer from unnecessary emotional stress.

Like, huh? Stupid, isn’t it?

*** Drama in progress***

I shall fake innocent and bimbotic for a minute. Omg, I LOVE  to be happy. Happy makes me…. happy? (Am i spelling happy correctly?)

***End of Drama***

Erm, I just like to laugh alot and  is causing all the fishtail lines at my eyes. Shucks.

Back to main topic.

At first, it wasn’t that effective. I was thinking this idea as bullshitting. How is it possible for someone to forget about shitty stuffs so fast?

They will be like ranting, bitching or even planning revenge.

But, I tell myself : Nope, i believe that my brain do wonders. So, I should have faith in myself right?

So, i always try this tatic until it really works! (okay, maybe im just deceiving myself. I don’t care. )


There are pros and cons for every single atoms in life. For example, medicine, botox, diet pills and even water?!

So, I realised mine have too.

Which is, FORGETFUL.

It’s a good and bad thing. Forgetful as in, you will find it hard to remember all the down parts in your life. So, up to you to decide yeah?

Well, shall answer a question that SOME people may be asking…

“Why don’t you confide to someone you trust?”

First and foremost, I’m not trying to say that i don’t trust my family and friends.

Second, Im NOT hinting that i have no friends. (I have many wonderful people that have came into my life. Grateful. I love you guys, whooop! *fly kisses*)

Third, Im not being an emo kid trying to isolate myself. *Roll eyes*

WELL, i just think that everyone have their ups and downs in life. They need to handle their own problems too. So why not, be independent and handle your problems yourself?

The world don’t revolve around you, you see…?

( I think maybe i have offended some people. However, those that know me will get what i meant right? *wink* And, those who are bitching about me, fuck off.)

Alright, that’s about it.

Ohoh,  I may be trying out the cinnamon challenge.  I don’t know why I’m sharing it here, but so excited for it!


Hoping I won’t die doing the cinnamon challenge,