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Sneeze-y Saturday

#nowplaying – Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

nice song. (Y)

Picture this. Mummy vacuuming, and I’m sneezing like shit. Mountain of tissues piled beside me, am so disgusting.  Worse Feeling ever.

Alright, a nice opening. Hi everyone, I am back finally after neglecting this tiny space for quite long. (Last post: AUG 21st 2012). Roughly 3 weeks back?! What the shimmer?

A weird habit, I have thoughts to blog about whenever my mum is doing housework. I will stone for a while, and off to on my lappy to ‘rant’. Okay, I always describe myself as ‘ranting’ whenever I blog. Complain Spoilt Queen.

Yesterday, I came upon this sentence: Only incompetence people will blame the world is unfair.

And it just stuck in my mind from then on, making me want to share with everyone.

Mixed feelings.

One side of me do agree with this. Somehow, I should say is my character.

It’s hard to put in words, especially when I’m not an expressive person. But, I will try my best.

There are examples, of people who are successful in their life. Glamorous, rich and worshipped by many. This is just the surface, what they allow us to see. However, we never know how much they have been through.

They have setbacks, of course. As my age gets older, I starting to believe that no one will ever be that smooth in their careers. You will only learn when you fail, my firm belief. This makes me recall one of my teachers said about Silicon Valley.

It is a place where people failed in their business many times before they became successful in life. If you’re in there, and have never fall down before. They will look down on you. Arrogant crowd, but with full respect from me.

So, back to topic. Side tracked, apologies.

In this competitive world, every one will compete for their own best interest. No one, or maybe the rare minority will support each other in their own industry, others (sadly to say, the majority) are just selfish beings.

No one will want to be losers right? ( I hope)

Fate, is something that they don’t really believe in. However, they control it. Their mindset is hard to de-code. Well, one word to describe them will be: Thinker.

They Think alot. From stupid stuffs like what to have for later, to chim-erlogy issues. They Think to improve themselves. They reflect alot, and will not make the same mistakes again. To them, it will be dumb if you just stand at the same spot, and not moving on at all.

Plus, they will never, ever give up. They will not blame the world whether it is fair or not. They don’t care in fact, cause they have much better things to do than just grumble. Actually, to some, they will think life is fair and God has plans for everyone in this world.

Another side of me disagree. My empathy.

Most of us are living in the world of luxury. By saying ‘Luxury’, is not being wealthy and having bird nest to rinse your mouth every morning.

You have a shelter for protection, food to eat, money to spend and time to pamper yourself. Isn’t this the basic of living?

For some, they will want more. Well, this is understandable. Who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t want to just swipe the card, for their love-at-first-sight without a second thought?

Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves everyday, with people treating you like royalties?

Who doesn’t want to have presents that they put in their wishlist?

Who doesn’t want to live in a life when you don’t need to worry about anything?

Who doesn’t, right?

We, or I, take things for granted. Honestly, I cannot live in places like Kampong where there is not electricity, mobile phones or a clean toilet.

Yes, I am quite particular with toilets. Shamelessly, I am the typical 21st century person. Severely, influenced by the high-technology and clean environment.

Okay, so this is the basic of life. ( repeated to stress this point).

However, if you have watched some documentary, people in the Third World Countries. Your heart will give in, at least for me I will.

Their basic of living, is unlike us. All they want is to have a space to live, and enough food for the whole family.

They don’t want HDB flats.

They don’t want mobile phones.

They don’t need internet.

Just a tiny space, and food. That’s all, simply like this.

Unlike me, they can settle for a poorly furnished toilets. Hygiene to them, is total bullshit. What they have asked for, are just some favours that we can easily granted with reachable height.

However, they just can’t. They need to fight for survival.

When plague decided to haunt them, they cannot do anything. All they can do, is to pray that it won’t strike on them with their loved ones.

Well, our comments will be: they are so unfortunate. Life is unfair to them cause they didn’t do anything wrong at all.

So now, do you understand my meaning of ‘ Mixed feeling’?

Different people different preference.

With thoughts and sincerity,