Thank you…

I would like to express my gratitude to all that have brightened up my life in this tiny space.

Well, I know it may be just words being typed out with both of my thumbs. Trust me, it is from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.
For those who have blessed me on my birthday. Even though I did not reply each wonderful person one by one, I’m truly grateful with you. Really, thank you.

Thank you.
My wonderful colleagues.
I really learned a lot during these few months. Sorry for my mistakes, and all the troubles that I have made. I’m really thankful to be working with you all.
Really, thank you.

Thank you.
My colourful friends. You guys have coloured my life into a beautiful picture. And, also tolerating my nonsenses and rubbish. More to come in future, take note.
Really, thank you.

Thank you.
Mother nature for giving me all I need to live as a person, allow me to see mesmerizing scenery.
Generosity is all I can describe for you.
Really, thank you.

As the saying goes, save the best for the last.
Thank you.
My family. Forgiving, big-hearted, warmth, comfortable, celebrations, food, shelter, last but not least, love.

With thanks,


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