Monthly Archives: July 2012

Nauseous writer, for the first time

Its weird, but my nauseous feeling makes me want to blog. 

Okay, cut the crap. Just being an attention seeker for a moment, to make people concern about me. (Lol, im just joking. Gonna blame on the sick feeling that makes me blurt out nonsense)

Okay, the feeling is fading off. Good.

Recently, I came to understand the meaning of : Your fate of path 

When I was young, I have my dream occupation. The very first one was to become a teacher. Cause, I think that marking paper is a very fun task. It lasted for quite some time, and the passion went off. 

Along the way, different choice of occupations came into my mind as i grow up. 

During my years in poly, I wanted to be a hotelier. It lasted only about my second year of study, when I started to have doubt in this career. The very point that makes me give up was during my internship. 

My mind just snapped, and said: Okay, hotelier is not my cup of tea. 

Well, not being a study material at all, I went to work in a logistic company (which i currently still working in). I started to have interest in this industry. At first, I struggled. In fact, Im still not stable due to my stupidity yet but better than before. 

Well, it is interesting. You liaise with agents and all to get shipments done.

Anyway, that’s not the focus.

What i want to point out is, you may not be what you thought you will become in future.

To me, this is not a bad thing. Well, you don’t know things that you’re good at unless you try it out. I dare not say that I am good in liaising and getting tasks done. However, it makes me learn that when things don’t get in your way, you need to find solutions to solve it(instead of waiting for miracle to happen).

I have encountered many difficult problems, however my bosses and managers are able to study them and look for the best way of solutions. Honestly, they have my utmost respect and best examples for me to learn. 

Im trying to improve myself and learn as much as i can (Well, I hope the best for myself. Who don’t right?).

Don’t get disheartened when you didn’t turn out what you have expected yourself to be. Think in a positive way, and take pride in your job. One step at a time, take it slowly. 

What’s life without any regrets?

What’s life without falling down, or failing? 

Remember, you will only get stronger when you fall and get up again. Smooth journey all the way is just because you’re lucky that you have a strong pillar shielding and blocking failures that are coming along to you.