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My urge for writing this post every morning. So, with about 20 minutes left to noon, I shall not resist anymore.

If you are singaporean, and need to go work/school every morning. You will have the same problem with me.

Yes, smart people, #SMRT.

Suppose this post to be predictable, is about letting out my dissatisfaction. However, in order to be fair to everyone (including #SMRT staffs), I will find fault with myself along the way.

So, where should i start? Okay, shall go with the flow of myself travelling to work.

I have stepped into the working life, which means that I need to take SMRT transports almost everyday. Well, when you are working to earn your salary, you will have responsibility. My priority for now is punctuality. In fact, I hate to be late when it is not my fault at all like dilly-dally or over-sleeping.

I have to say this, #SMRT really let me down. Once or twice is enough, more than that (to me) prove your incompetence. I’m not saying that all fault lies with you guys. However, if you are in our shoes(consumers), how does it feel if every morning the announcer say,’ The train will be delay for a short while due to (whatever problems).’

I bet that will not feel good. Well, my main point is at least give us a detailed explanation than just smoking through with the recorded system. We pay for the service, we should have the rights to know more right?

Oh, bring us to the topic about money. I studied hotel management, and being taught quality service. According to me, quality service is about giving service standard with the amount being paid for. I suppose the previous sentence has given full explanatory.

This is one thing I’m really pissed with #SMRT.

The fare is like a snowball, always increasing however the service is depleting. illogical right?

If you are confident in giving us equalized service quality, increase the fare by all means. However, if you can’t, then.. (pointless for me to say the obvious here). You can say I am money sensitive (I don’t care anyway), but who don’t?

Okay, I know Singapore has stable economy and blah blah blah. That’s not the point. Fairness is the focus. Switch the situation around, you’ll get what I mean. (I hope, without you being bais on either sides).

You know what, I like to think alot. With the problematic transportation provide by #SMRT, but you guys are telling us not to get cars for own transportation?

If you are seeing that Singaporeans have stable income to get themselves cars and not taking public transports, then we are not being cooperative and selfish. Thurs, COE will increase. Do it, I have no comments.


If you are seeing that Singaporeans who opt to get cars because of #SMRT not able to give us fair services, that’s why getting a car is the only way out. Then, who should we blame now? You cannot expect us to take taxi (oh, the meter fare increased for don’t-know-what-reasons-too), cause it is so pricey! Owning a car is only the best investment. Agree, no? (I don’t care either.)

In order for you to be convincing to me, show me with actions. Talking is stupid. I can say whatever I want, but actions will then convince everyone and let them shut up.

Well, I need to do some soul-searching. I shouldn’t really blame #SMRT with all the faults. Since I know they have problems with their train operations, then I should leave my house earlier in order to be on time for work.

Wait, I got another issue I need to point out. The train is super duper packed. Are we experiencing over-population? I know i may sound a little racist here. However, if population in Singapore cannot fit with the living space, who take in so much people? hmmm…

Since I’m in the #SMRT topic, shall say this part as well. How come JC/Poly students don’t have student fare? #SMRT

Even though I have already graduated from Polytechnic, but I sort of still want to have a good answer for my question.

We are still students.

We DO NOT have stable income.

We are still considered, POOR STUDENTS. (for some, like me!)

Then I don’t see the point of us need to worry for transportation fare every month like the adults.

Do you see it? enlighten me please.