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important person in my life

Here’s a post to my MOM!

i know, im super random. And also, Mother’s Day has gone for months. However, i have realised that i have not really do a post about my Mom at all. SO, why not? you don’t need any special reason to pay attention to your mummy right?

Where should i start…?

oh, okay. My mom is a super good cook. I love her cooking, and almost all of her dishes are my favourites. Not sure whether it is me or not, but I find it super delicious even just a normal maggie mee that she cook for us. She will add alot of ingredients into the noodles, so that it will not look to plain. The weird thing is, it is only the last few years that i’ll appreciate her  cooking. Last time, i will rather dine outside. Maybe, it is just because she always cook. So, somehow, i find her food quite boring. Sometimes, she will ask my sisters and i the dishes that we feel like eating then she will make it for us.

Remember once, i went to suggest that she should open a small eatery and be the chef. lol! Cause, im confident that everyone will like it as well. :)

And another thing is, she nags. Yes, she does and she nag alot! When she nag, her pitch will go up unknowingly. Then, it is irritating your ears. Most of the time, i will plug in. Or else, i will get pissed and maybe ‘ask her to tone down abit’ Actually, all moms will nag right? I was quite bad in the past, and she was really disappointed in me. At that time, she didn’t nag at all for a few weeks. It was a empty feeling period. I do feel apologetic, so i have learnt to bootlick her. Especially in her cooking! She really likes people to praise her for the food she has cooked.

Honestly, i do feel that my mom is quite childish like me. Sometimes, both of us will sit at the table side of my house and start joking and laughing. She will share with me the funny happenings at her workplace, and i will tell her mine too. Really love this part of my life at home. Well, it is not easy for us to be free and to sit down and talk. She works, I’m schooling. If not, i will be out either to work or outing with friends. We will snack on something, or she will cut fruits and share with me.

The sad thing is, the sharing session don’t last long as she needs to get up and do housework. :/

Wait, why am i so emtional and everything? lol, maybe is because i love my mummy to much!! <3<3<3


you get what i mean?


Recently, i have been into old songs. Especially this one, according to you by orianthi. Maybe, i like to use songs to describe my feelings. Well, i am a music person. I will pay attentions to the lyrics, and the rhythm. Come to think of it, Music plays quite a big part in my life.

Shopping, walking, lazing, dazing and sitting in train. I will listen to music when im alone most of the time. I don’t like it when im alone, and not music-ing when im outside. Perhaps, i will prefer to be in my own private space when not hanging out with friends. Music is sort of my companion to make comfortable in a lonely surrounding. Honestly, it is not a bad thing. Kind of like it though.

I like songs that will nurture as the time passes by, just like wine. Some of the old songs are worth to be in your playlist, even they are super old or have being forgotten by most out there. You will surprised that if you go back to your old tracklist, and will prefer some old songs instead.

Songs, are like silent best friends. When you are bored, they will accompany you and keep you entertained. When you are angry, they will help you vent your anger. When you are sad, they will describe your feelings truthfully. They are like your other half, and reflecting your inner characters by the types of music you like.


With every words said from heart,