Monthly Archives: July 2011


went to research about Premenstrual syndrome. Which, most of us name it as PMS.

One thing to confirm is, 100% im having one now. I have most of the symptoms and ahem ahem. Dont feel like elaborating to more details.

its time for me to learn how to live. :)


so true, wow

First thing is, i don’t mean to eavesdrop. However, i have overheard two aunties having their normal conversation.

They were saying that people should really enjoy their life after working. Especially, like hotel line when work can be really stressful sometimes. wah, then suddenly, i have realised that i didnt even really enjoy at all all these while. SO pathetic.

The worse thing is, i only hope it is not too late. I mean like, im only like have a month left for attachment. Somemore, i need to start all my reports and etc. Gosh, this means that i only can wait to enjoy after my attachment?

aiya, dont care about that already. Yes, like what i have said earlier, my attachment is almost coming to an end. So, i really need to do all my reports, weekly logs and ask my manager to fill up my logbook as well. Honestly, i am really really lazy to do that. I still need to start on my presentation which i need to submit on 14th July i think? And, i have not start on anything yet.

Oh, have i mention my TWO THOUSANDS WORDS of essay? Yup, need to do that as well. However, i do hope it will be as easy as what i thought it will be. Like looking back at my weekly logs and try to copy paste from my every reflection journals. Hope, after looking through everything, i have roughly 2000? *pray pray*

Super hate the feeling when everything is like coming all at once, hais. and in so many dates, making me confuse and all. Now right now, i just hope that nothing in my attachment will go wrong. Plus, all my works can be done on time. :)

Wish me luck! *fingers crossed*