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can i be free from all the troubles, please?



suddenly, urge of ranting nonsense came to me. (Part 3)

Sometimes, i will think how lazy can a person be?

Okay, first thing is, how do you even define lazy? From dictionary:averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

Aiya, too chim! Wanting’s dictionary: a person is dont even fucking feel like doing anything, or even moving an inch.

Wayyyy easier right? for a perfect example, its me. True enough, im this kind of person. Sometimes at home, i will be that lazy to even find the remote control and just sleep on my sofa till someone comes and off the television for me. And when i take a nap, i will take hours and not just 30 minutes or so. I will think that i didn’t even sleep at all or not enough. One typical action, is using my toes to take the things on my living room table. I think almost everyone do that right, so i will not categorize as lazy. Maybe, stunt?

Ohoh, when i decided to slack at a spot at home, i will take everything at once and try not to move anymore. Thats why, i like to have tissue, water and food by my side. So that, i will be able to enjoy while using my laptop. (Y)

When im outside, and i know i need to walk for quite a distance. I will go,’ huhhhhhhhhhhhh~ :(‘ then i will ask whether want to cab there, or take bus. hahahahaha! typical one. Unless you have something that will attract me, then i will go. BTW, Anna Phua is super good at this.

I will have this habit when you say we need to walk. i will straight away ask,: it is far?

Sometimes, i will think why i am this lazy. hehe!


Why? i dont know, lazy-ness is in my blood.





i felt so lucky, for now

Came across an article while reading national geographic. Totally Stunned

She is a pretty girl with a bright future ahead of her. Her age, im not sure, but maybe even younger than most of us here. However, her fate is different from us. Being a 21st century girl, i can do almost everything i want to do and allow to have my own decisions. Apparently, not for her, and in fact, not for all the Afghanistan young girls.

And that is, Marriage.

Yes, you must be thinking why they are troubling about marriage in such a young age. No, it is not them, but their families. For all sorts of reasons, they will go for arranged marriage regardless whether they are willing or not. Most typical reason is Money. They will be asked to marry a man who can aid them financially.

Oh yes, mark my word. Man.

Not young boy, with the same age as the bride. Not teenager, with just a few year older than his bride. But, a man, who is maybe three to five times older than the bride. This is totally ridiculous.

One more thing is, the young girl will not know who she is giving her next part of life to until the day of wedding. Can you imagine how helpless and scared she will be? i have tried imaging myself marrying a guy who i have never met in my life. Gosh, i think i will either run away or beg my parents real hard to call off the marriage. Sadly, the girls will not think like me. Because, their minds have been too innocent to oblige to whatever their parents ask them to do. Not caring whether it is right or wrong, or for their own good.

I have read a page, seeing a girl helping her baby to bath. At that time, maybe she doesnt even know how to take care of herself. For example, who will be teaching her about puberty? What is menstruation? Or, how to protect herself? However, she is now alone taking care of two kids. For your information, she is just eleven.

Also, i have also seen a girl wailing while being forcefully carried to attend her wedding. I was thinking, what the parents are feeling at that time? Don’t they feel heartache? Or, remorseful enough for letting her daughter get married off like this.

I was totally shocked that early marriage is still happening in this world. For once, i have really felt lucky that i am not born in that kind of country. I mean, the whole thing is just rubbish. They are like just selling their daughters off, or thinking girls are burden. In addition, im even thinking whether they will even bother to check the background of the male’s family. Or, they are just blinded by money.

The worst thing is, some of the husbands are fucking bastards.

Read this Huma’s Story – Forced Child Marriage – Abuse, Torture, Escape

Maybe for Huma’s case, she is  lucky that she can get a divorce. How about for those who still keeping quiet, and tolerating all this nonsense…?

Sometimes, i just cannot understand. Totally.