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it may sound offensive, but i really need to let it all out.

Lets get straight to the point. I Dont Get It.

I Dont Get It when we, girls/ladies/women, have to know how to do housework or cooking.

I think you guys have sort of get what I am going to say right? Smart, yes. Today I am going to write out all my doubts.

Housework. Personally, I Don’t like to do housework. Why? It is because my nose will get irritated and I will go sneezing for the rest of the day. Put that point aside, why can’t guys do housework? I mean like, they got their ego or whatever shit. So what, we girls dont have? I really hate the fact that, the fate of women is being stuck with the housework thing.

Please, for God sake, this is the modern time. A world of equilibrium. No childish discrimination, and everyone has the rights to be free. In the past, I do agree that guys will work and be the breadwinner in the house. For women, just be a typical housewife and take good care of the household stuffs. However, what if it was not set like this in the ancient time, do you think that this kind of thinking will appear in this current time? Well, for me, i will not think so. Anyways, i bet the person who set this ‘rule’ must be a guy. Confirm.

Somemore, education have changed. Both girls and boys will get to study, and be treated the same. What does this mean? This means that girls will tend to be career-minded too and want to strive for a status in the society. If guys can, why can’t girls? So, i dont see the point for them to give up everything just for the family when they can maybe even be better than some of the guys out there. In addition, they gave up everything and they must fear that their husbands will have affairs with other women out there. To me, totally not worth it. This is just unfair. For me, it is never fair.

In my house too, my dad has always wanted to have a son. However, my mom gave birth to 3 children without birdies. Even though my dad didnt say anything, i can see that he do have some regrets. Up till now, my elder sister is a chemist and my second sister is a nurse. For me, my sisters are already successful enough as compared to some others out there. This shows that, it is no difference having girls or boys.

I know i shouldn’t care about what people are thinking and saying. However, i just cannot take it when they will even say stuffs like,’ you dont even know how to do housework, what more you can do?’ Hello, my life isn’t any of your concern. Guys do go NS, a.k.a National Service. They will be more matured, and sort of ‘grow up’. Sorry, i dont see the rights for you to say us, girls, just because you have to experience the dirty jobs. You people said that, because you all have FINALLY get to know how disgusting or tiring cleaning up is. If not, I dont even think you guys will ever mention it. So please, if you have tried it, dont try to influence people’s thoughts that we should do it too. Why? because, girls do have human rights and some values as well. Not only you guys.

One more point, i dont know why some guys can always think they are right? This is serious fucked up. They can never listen to girls. Only thinking that, girls are immature and cannot think ‘well’ like them. When they know they cannot fight the argument, they will go,’ aiya, you dont understand i am saying one.’

This is so fucking childish. I mean, cant you agree with it? for your information, i just choose to ignore it. If not, i will go on and on till we come to a agreement. Yes, i will.

Gosh, finally let out almost everything. However, i have to admit i do keep some and didnt say it. I felt relieved enough, :D


suddenly, urge of ranting nonsense came to me. (Part 2)

I have been more talkative. Proven.

Once you have the kick, normally you will do the unexpected. For example, I will keep on blogging blogging, and blogging. Well, I have blogged 3 days in a row. However, my kick will die off soon. let’s rant while it last.

My previous post is about Make-Up. Why should i rant in this post?

Lets just start with what have happened today, shall we? Okay, today i have tweeted something like: Am i that fierce-looking?

I have tweeted that for a reason, cause while going to work~ no one dares to seat beside me. Okay, maybe you will think that im thinking too much. However, you will feel it too when you were beside me today. Quite a number of people prefer to stand, when a seat is vacant right in front of them. Suddenly, I have recalled that Gillian also said that I do look quite fierce when i dont smile.

Whatever, going to blame everything on my eyeliner. Im so freaking friendly, please! HAHAHAHAHA! On the other hand, i do feel some benefits. I will not have anyone falling asleep, then lean on me. This is super irritating, serious! Not only that, I will not need to worry that the person sitting will get hit by me cause i do like to dig for stuffs in my bag. Honestly, I will feel it quite embarrassing. Imagine you hit once, then accidentally you have hit him/her once again. Of course, you need to say “Sorry” again. For me, I will give up searching anything from my bag and bear till i have reached my stop.

Oh, going back to the Fierce Topic. I really hope that it is not because of my looks, then they will rather give up the seat. Cause, you understand right? Singaporeans, normally will be abit ‘competitive’ especially on train. When they are willing to stand, it sort of means that it is quite serious.(im just exaggerating, ignore me please) My mom say that my face is super kiam pa. (this means that people will feel like beating me when they see my face.) My looks will be like as if the whole world have owe me anything. I have only one thing to say, my genes are mostly inherit from her. Sooooo, like mother like daughter. (^^)v

Maybe i should go and get a tee, with prints like,: IM A FRIENDLY FREAK. hahaha! epic, plus stupid.

For those who have thought im fierce, but changed their views after knowing me. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, have made the right choice! (Y)

For those who have thought im fierce, and still thinking about it. Either you dont know me well enough, or you have really pissed me in some sense.

For those who have thought im fierce, and hated me for this ever since that. Well… SCREW YOU! (N)

suddenly, urge of ranting nonsense came to me.

Meiqi told me one contact lens incident.One person (i forgot girl or boy) wore a pair of cosmetic contact lens, and the ‘colour’ of the lens stuck on the eye and hard to remove. Well, for me, I will think that it is a blessing in disguise.

why? Cause this means that that person can grant her wish in having a coloured eye pupil.I mean, wasnt that his/her purpose in the first place? Isn’t it gooood? Like seriously, i think that maybe I will be happy instead of sad if it happens on me.

This brings me to think why cosmetic even exist. Why the ancient people will think of make-up, and how do they even can think of ‘colouring’ their faces?

So, i went to do some research. History of Make-Up (go read this, i think that it is quite interesting)

I like this quote,’ Egyptians were well aware of the beauty of soft skin and seductive eyes.‘ No wonder, all the women in Egypt are so damn freaking chio.

Yes, Im quite shocked that Egyptians were one of the few that have realised the make-up thing. Well, I have always thought it start with the chinese or the japanese. Well, you know right? The Emperor time, it has been set as men will go out working and earn money, women will stay at home and be a typical housewife. (*roll eyes* thank God now time have changed, haha!)

So, I think some women that were really like to be pretty,(or hiao) will go look for ways to be even prettier. Since they have all the time in the world at that time anyways, and i think one of the reasons was to kill time also. Then, they started to colour their faces.

But right, I think the skin quality of the ancient women must be super good. Why? they only sleep, eat, houseworking, and…sleep even more? So, their skins will be pimple-free, hydrated, and pearl white. Imagine if they can see the women in the modern times, I think they will be surprised and shocked. Maybe, they will think,’ wah lao, why is it so unfair? now women can work and go ladies nights clubbing. Then, when our times, everything also cannot.Puke!’

Well, Im a typical girl that need make-up too. I will only dont do make-up when going to nearby malls or coffee shops to get something. Thats why, i will envy those girls that can go out shopping or whatever without any concealer or eye-liner and still looking pretty and attractive. I just saw one today, totally (Y). However, don’t you all think that make-up is always an issue?

Cause personally, especially for artists, I will be super nosy and think whether they will still look that good without make-up on. Kpo right, i know.

Okay, so now excluding all the must-have make up tools. “Extras” we have are like, coloured lens and fake eyelashes that have been introduced to the market. I wonder what is next?

Tattoo-ing on face, like teardrop or butterfly? maybe?(eh! come to think of it, not bad at all!)

random post, crap content. HAHAHAHAHAHA! but i like it!