Monthly Archives: November 2010


i have been dreaming these few days, but i have forgotten almost all of it. There is research saying that, : people will forget 50% of their dream if they slack in their bed for 5 minutes. And, they will forget 100% when they slack for more than 10 minutes.

I wonder whether it is true or not, so i sort of tried it~ and its true! when i lie on my bed after i wakes up for a while, i still have remember part of it. However, i realised that i will forget everything after a while later.

but i do have one dream i didnt forget:

it is about me dreaming that im working at a club, and me doing all the shots and tequila! haha!, maybe God is hinting me to let this be my job in future? anyways, i even dreamed that i spill off a drink while delivering to the customers. HAHAHHA! so real!

never mind, i think my mom also wont allow me. And, she has been stricter in me, calling me whenever i will be home late. Well, shall just enjoy the close mother-daughter time together before it ends.

ONE MORE THING, I WANT TO WATCH HARRY POTTER. LIKE NOW, this moment! ah, but its okay, Loveannas and me are going to watch. So, those who have watched it, please dont tell me anything inside. i want to keep myself in suspense :D



sometimes, i wish time will go slower

Need more time, to enjoy. my close ones.