Monthly Archives: October 2010


argh! i think  i need to go pray in all of the temples in Singapore. I have been unlucky dont know since when..

i have realised something, why a phone is being called a dummy phone..? is because it is making the person look damn dumb with it! yes, that me!

my phone had a stroke, and sort of spoiled. so i need to get to Nokia Care Center.. and get it fucking fixed. I was urgently needed it for tml, and asked them whether they can get it repair and return to me on the day?

Ya, i think they can but need four hours. madam

ASS YOU GUYS! for calling me back: madam, we cannot return the phone by today cos when we finished repairing it.. your phone cannot be on.

OMG, my mind just appeared all the words man. feels like swearing at them,but im at the public~ so, i swallowed the words down into my tummy.. you all better ensure my phone is really no problem after your all fix it, or else i will write all the feedbacks all at once.

:( then this is link with my work. Yes, work! this is not the first time i had this, and you choose the wrong timing to let it happen man. YES, SUPERVISOR.. YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE WRONG TIMING TO PISS ME OFF!

i DID SEND THE FUCKING MESSAGE THAT ONLY WORK IN THE MORNING FOR 5TH, BUT YOU SAY I DIDNT. and say till you are in the right, and im in the wrong. WTFH…?

tell you what, your management sucks! you screw everything up, and cannot even get the simplest stuff like doing the working schedule right. so what you are in the army, this is your job. blame yourself being a guy, and need to go re-service.

when you are in the wrong, no sorry from you. WOW! so nice of you. (roll eyes)

now great, i need to work for full shift that day when i cant. you are always the one that screw up my plan for the day man! I FUCKING HATE IT!

and, this is not the first time! that time, i also didnt say i cannot work for that day. but you just put me in the schedule, then making me feel like im the one that bring inconvenience to you. when i request that i cannot work, you just say: then you internally switch with people..

please! this is your job to get everything the RIGHT WORKING DAYS. not us. so trying to push your job away to us, then i rather i dont need a supervisor.

okay.. in order to make myself feel better, i went for medicure and peidcure. hehe! finally feel better when the bread i bought dropped on the floor. and i need to clear everything up! ahhhhhh! God, help me!