Facial: Estetica

I am into facial, very into facial. Not that to the extent I can’t leave without it, but will go for a session at least once in a month. 

I don’t know why I trust facial so much, what they do can be easily diy-ed. However, I like the feeling of light-weight cleansed after lying there for 1 hour plus. Maybe the massage is a plus point too. 

Anyways, not that I’ve been to a lot of salons. But a reasonable experiences accumulated over the years. 

Oh ya wait, I’m the weird person that don’t like to sign package but willing to pay for the aka-carte (overprice) sum. 

This time, I chanced upon Estetica. 

For the first time, a salon gave me surprises. Not that the service is over the notch, or their facial cure my acne problem. But this salon uses cooling gel patches to calm your skin after extraction. The first time I came across. And, this baby works wonder.  

Actually, I prefer the first time I’ve been there. The beautician doesn’t sell any package, or recommend any products. I told her what I want, she said okay. Showed me in, and did the skin analysis. After that, proceeded to the facial treatment. All was well. 

This was the key of me going back again actually. 

However, the second time the manager just keep convincing me to get a package. Indirectly forcing me to take one, but good thing is she is polite. 

I’m not an easily convinced person. 

Their remaining procedure for my treatment is normal. Just the gel patches, and one of the few salons with good extraction skills. Plus, they give you tips along the way on how to take care of your skin types during the treatments too. Just that, they try to up sell their product this time. Trust me, I hate salons who keep upselling their products to me during facial. A customer, like me, just want to enjoy the process and rest. I don’t want to keep having to reply you or even have to talk in any case. 

Sigh, but not all understand this simple request. 

Rating: 3.5/5 💜

Overall experience: Good, even tho they stuck me at their analysis room for a solid hour trying to get me into signing their package. I should say, luckily her girls have skills. 

Ohya, when I remove their ‘sunblock’, I see dark paige colour stain on my cotton buds. Is either my face is dirty, or they use cosmetic to cover up my redness… I don’t know, just guessing. 
Signing off, 


So, I’m back. 

This world is making me disgusted. Bit by bit. By how they act, say, do and preach. 

Now is a world full of masks, and a pinch of Gossip girls. 

All about lies, climbing to the top and showing the best to others. Note my word, showing not being. 

You know what, I’m not too sure how does all the people get their wealth from, or at least steal the money from. Now, I see money everything. People flaunting what they have, but maybe zero dollar in their bank. People, burning cold hard cash to show how much they don’t care. Model-like posing photos, which “accidentally” showcase their Chanel or Hermes. 

Actually, I do respect those who show off in the most unsubtle way. At least they are not entirely fake. 

What cause the change. Blending in, trend? Influence? Or sudden wealth? Any of this reasons don’t justify for me not to be irritated. 

Some may say because of jealousy, some just want something to talk about. Gossips. They can’t keep their mouth shut. The common similarity to identify, you know who. 

Weekend is all about high tea, video-ing the caviar and learning how to pronounce difficult French words. Weekday is about booking limo and splashing champagne at a bikini model. Well, doesn’t rule out having to hire some models as well. 

All, devote their belief and money into the God of social media. I believe if they is a temple or a cell group, the attendees will always beyond full complements. 

Wearing the trend out, setting backcomb, and judging people of what kind of brand they are wearing. Nowadays, people become shamelessly expressing their interest of high life, and love for money. Money comes in all form of way, no more hours of working and pride. What doesn’t kill me never stop me. 

Kudos for those who are born with silver spoon in their mouth. Well, some or maybe most of them are plated silver. Spending every cent and dollars to make people envious of you. Those pairs of green eyes does need you to pay a price. 

Do I even see the definition shameless, cheap or slut in Oxford now? 

Keep me wondering. 

Cheers to all, 


A Fresh Start

Everyone has their own past, memories and regrets.

I, too, had my own good set of records. “You Only Live Once”, my all-time favorite motto in life. 18 years old, the age of all access to everything, what we called the “semi-adult”. My crazy time, when I was being ‘unleashed”. Looking back at my photos, I nodded to myself and smile.

Yes, those were the days. I don’t need to care about anything, and always able to get away being selfish and self-centered. At that time, fun is more important than any traumatizing world issues.

I believe, everyone of us, has been through that stage of life. You enjoy youth, and being half-matured. The biggest problem, was only about projects and examination. That’s all.

You get overboard with fun, and crossed the line. The grey area, the unhealthy lifestyle, the never-ending hangover, and the dark circles that will haunt you forever.

And so, you’ve been through that and now complaining about getting old. No more boozing, no more eardrum-piercing music, no more high heels stepping on people, wobbly walking and falling down the stairs. You start to enjoy family time, friends’ gathering, getting teary while reading, and cherishing every peaceful moments in life. What you’re looking forward to, is not about another party invading, but life challenges and reaching your goals.

This is pretty much the sum-up of my life now. I had my good quota of partying, but of course I’ll still enjoy my booze once in a while. Not more partying, and evolve to rave invaders. Well, I should say, I take fun up to the next level…? Or, maybe, looking at another side of fun.

Fyi, I am not guilty of my past, at all. Just that, i feel that it’s time to take a fresh start.

So, one thing about fresh start, is that you need to forsake all your past. This take a really big courage, and a little bit of liquid luck (I guess?). Also, you learn the true meaning of saying “No.”. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t a detailed plan from the start but it was part of my draft. One day I told myself,” Once I’ve gotten my dream job, it’s time to refresh my life.”. Maybe it is the multiple rejections that trigger this thought, or maybe i feel that I need this reboot to start my new page of life.

And, coincidentally, it happened. And, I need to keep my promise to myself.

Actually, once you start moving closer to your goal, you lose track of time. It feels like it is never enough, but take it easy. Be flexible, and adapt to changes quickly. Don’t just stick blindly to any planning, be creative. I realized that good times and impromtu-ness come in a package. So, you need that chill pill.

Well, this is it. It took me a year of preparation and standing up again. You will miss a little bit here and there, and some memories. However, I do believe in “Give and Take”. You need to give up things, in order to take back something. Take it as a present exchange, just think it in a positive way.

You see quotes saying like, life is like a book etc… Good enough, visualize that your current page is out of space and filled with inks and marks. Now, turn over a new page and get ready a set of colorful pens.

Cutting off isn’t easy I must say, but necessary. Because, if you cling on any part of your past, means that you are not ready yet. Plus, it is easier for you to fall back again. Trust me, it took me months of self-convincing that I can forgo and not look back. It does failed a few times, and giving in to temptations. However, it is all about trying again and again. Just like my determination in getting my dream job, go back again for another shot. Bit by bit, you improve yourself and tell yourself that you can. I would rather you build up your self-esteem and self-worth, than giving up just because lack of confidence. It will never make sense to me. You haven’t even try, but you say you can’t. Hmmm… (judging you)

Well, i just feel that pressing “F5” button to refresh my life is required. If not, I can predict that I will always stuck behind and bury in self-pity. Dream big, and get busy achieving your goals. It helps, really.

When I say dream big, I mean really extremely big. To the extent, you think it is impossible. Be exaggerating.

Take it as experiencing another type of fun. No more mundane weekend night routine anymore. Make yourself look forward to all the surprises in life, look forward to every single day. Don’t shrink your thinking into about forcing yourself, step out of your comfort zone and see what’s coming your way.

I must say; A new chapter of life, new stories to discover, new experiences to enjoy. Worth the effort, isn’t it…?

With regards,


First conversation. 

When a person asks you about your occupation,

“Oh, I drive a Mercedes but it’s a company car. So I don’t own it.”


“Oh, I’m a driver for SBS bus.”

See the different ways we can describe a same occupation, as well as the heaven and earth miles judgement you’re giving the person..?

Well, to make it simple, people always judge so always has a really good start. Not say good or bad, or belittling on the Social Status. But yes, people tend to be shallow in the first place. It is just human nature, and nothing can change it. I have never believed when a person tell me that they don’t even judge a tiny bit, to me this means that he/she hasn’t been listening in the first place. Aka; they don’t care.

Sometimes, I think people are taking the word “Judge” too seriously. Hello, it can be either positive or negative, or just purely neutral. So, why so serious~?

I’m not afraid to admit tho. Even a person’s natural vibes will affect me. I don’t like talking to extremely negative people, because i know sooner or later they will run me down. Yes, I can be really friendly, but very selective. Recently, i learn this phrase “An Introvert doing Extrovert things”. Perfect description.

Whenever I just meet a stranger, of course we will have those what-you-are-doing-now kind of mandatory conversations. (Very, very boring) How the person talk about themselves, and how do they portray their exterior beauty is really important. All those heart-to-heart and  being transparent are part of the later story. I’m not referring to arroganance and assumption, but passion and keeping their life together. It is like a silent definition of yourself on the way you want to lead your life. And, I am a strong believer that once you are truly happy, people can feel it. Negative people just look very gloomy, and act like one too.

However, in every conversation, I always hated this question the most,” what do you like to do during your free time?”

Not only between friends, but apparenty employers love to be nosy as well. Worse still, studies even show that what you like to do during your free time show a lot about yourself. If you just referring to first sight, is this even logical…?

Come on, I can have my good and bad “free time” days. So, if im feeling great, of course the day will gonna be awesome even just by doing nothing. If i am grumpy, do you think i can still be jumpy and cheerful?

I mean, I can mention all kinds of interesting hobbies and bullshit my way through. Isn’t this defeating the purpose? I give you what you want to hear, but not what you need to have. One example, you buy a really cool gadget with the best word-packaging ever, but you open up and it turns out pretty lousy. You don’t get what you see. Get it? *roll eyes*

Plus, I always feel it plays an important part to know the person bit by bit. No matter how much a person can fake it in the first place, their true self will appear in time to come.

Anyways, why do this happen, and infact so frequently….? Superficial lor…

But then, passion and hobby is different thing. Remember that. You can have the best hobby ever, but that don’t speak a lot about yourself. However, passion is a powerful thing. You get the glow and positive vibes. And, to top it up with a cherry, you’re inspiring. Wow right… 😊

By the way, no one really cares about their first conversation. I don’t know for some people, but I just realise that I don’t. You know, this is one thing about straightforward bitch. The words just come out as the conversation flows, so basically equal to: No Content. Normally, that’s what happened to everyone, you just mingle for the sake of it and depends whether you guys will keep in contact. Up till now, I haven’t had any deep impression of first conversation with anyone before. Or, maybe is because I choose not to remember. (Don’t see the need to.)

Well, how do you expect a person to pour out everything on first meeting..? If he/she does, one is that she got friend issues; two is she tell everyone her issues. Not good. Of course, it is all depends on at-the-moment feeling. If you feel right, by all means, I believe even a person with the record breaking lowest EQ knows the difference.

First conversation is just like an interview to determine of you will welcome the stranger into your life. You can sense the siren alert when something feels wrong. So is either fist pump, or you block Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and sever all ties. (Now we have so much social media to fool around with, no wonder everyone turn to cyber friends instead.)

Some talk for the sake of talking, some talk for the sake of genuinely wanting to know the person. I’m a little of both. Or maybe, I should say I’m still waiting for someone that can surprise me. Good surprises of course, that makes me feel excited to welcome him/her.

Regardless friends or relationships. Things will fall nicely in place, so don’t worry. (I do believe this saying because it just happened to me recently.)

Best feeling ever.

Signing off,


Fuck you, life

Is life fair… No, it sucks and love toying people around. 

You know, sometimes you question yourself, why is life so unfair. 

It seems like a typical drama script, but wait till you have encountered a true life story. 

For a husband, that dote on his wife so much. For a father, that always give the best to his children. For a man, that has the simplest wish.  And, for a stranger, that always show his concern with little words,” have you eaten?” 

He do not have the highest education, like other modern families, but is a lifelong learner. He scrimp and save, work day and night, to give his family the best life possible. I’ve never heard a word of complaint while knowing him 10 years and counting. From a stranger, year by year, to giving him a nickname.  I hate myself to become a coward, after knowing, and hiding because of the stupidest reason. I want to slap myself so badly, for not able to hold back. I want him well. Is that too much to ask for…? 

Can you imagine the heaviness when finally everything has fallen in place, but now missing one puzzle piece? His hard work paid off, and his biggest wish seems nearing in time to come. A little more, and he can enjoy the calming sea breeze. That’s his secret pastime. Now, so near yet so far, so close yet so hard to reach. 

He loves to joke, always entertaining his family with those jokes he heard on radio FM. He is understanding, not just to his own loved ones. He is a simple man, absolutely family guy. No matter what, he is the pillar. Whenever I go over, he is there. Always there. 

Somewhat, recently I realized when I’ve started to get comfortable with his presence. He is not just an uncle, but the uncle. One, that will wrench my heart to see his tired face. Just like how I will feel for my own father. One, that I’ll hope to see his everlasting wrinkled happy face. One, that I will pray for him the best, wholeheartedly. 

When future seems so fine, now become so blur. When his longing happiness is on its way, now become a battle race. 

When everything is becoming perfect, now has appeared a black scar. 

As much as I hate how fucked up the life has did to him, I pray for miracle to happen. Please, at least, until his wish come true. 

Hoping for the best, 



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